Looking for Ergonmic Mouse Recommendatitons

Does anyone here use a trackball or a ergonomic mouse? Due to certain reasons a normal mouse is starting to cause me issues.

Any tips or recommendations will be appreciated.

Years ago I used something like the mouse bellow, it was a present, it took me a few days to fully get used to using it but after that I was able to even play 3D shooters with it. What I remember is that is was really comfortable on the hand, you just pick the best position that your hand can relax in and that’s it.
I can’t recommend anything else because this is the only other type of mouse I used but I loved it and I’m planning to get another one soon.

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Have you ever tried a vertical mouse - vertical mouse

I’ve never used one, but this mouse is supposed to be ergonomic.. Looks similar to drlobes’ mouse.


I know the question was for Dobb, but I used one of the vertical ones for about two weeks then I quit, I found it very hard to move the cursor on the screen to an exact position consistently.

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@drLobes & @PackRat, thanks chaps. A few options to ponder.

@PackRat, yes I have been considering a vertical mouse. The problem is it will be a matter of trial and error as I have no shops locally who stock this style of mouse so I would have to order in.

That`s my JERRY COMB mouse for 7 months.
After pain in my fingers with my old mouse i decided to use a ergonomic mouse.
And: No pain anymore in my fingers.

But my version of this mouse is with cable.

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When my hand / wrist start to act up on me, I switch to this. I assume that you can get one in NZ.

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Thanks chaps, It seems a vertical mouse is the way to go.

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I might be the only person then who wasn’t able to use it :grin: I mean I liked the look and feel of that mouse but I wasn’t able to be precise with it, specially when editing images or selecting things where a couple of pixels right or left matter.

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