Looking for advice - laptops


Potentially shopping for a laptop. 4K LED or OLED display and 15-16". Be able to scale a bit. Good hardware specs, but not a gamer.

My options are a XPS, Thinkpad or a pre-2018 Macbook Pro. I like the mil-spec Thinkpads for their durability, but also like the slim form factor of the others.

Macbook Pro’s are plentiful and relatively cheaper on e’Bay.

Your opinions are most appreciated.


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Thinkpad all the way man. I don’t use a laptop personally other than for testing so I am no expert but we have three Thinkpads in our house and they are all awesome.

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Thanks @dobbie … yes, I’ve had one before and they are pretty special.

A good laptop is pretty $ right now. There some refurbed MBP’s running through at almost 1/2 the price.

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I’ve found some decent Thinkpads at reasonable pricing here in NZ. They are great machines.

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Thinkpads FTW. I am partial to the X and T series myself. I have the X-series and saving up for a T series machine. I have own Dell before (not XPS) and I have use of 3 MacBookPros - 16G, 32G, 64G but I would not buy them for my personal device. Not worth 3x IMHO. Nothing is more sweeter if you find a good refurbish Thinkpad. With the extra $$ saved, you can get yourself a fixer up motorbike.

If your aim is Linux or *BSD, Thinkpads are a no-brainer. Go with Macbook Pro for macOS.

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I’m waiting for the P14s Gen 2 with the Ryzen 5850U and a Dolby True Vision certified 4K display. The basic 5650U model with the FHD display has just been made available in the UK:


Won’t be long now… *rubs hands*

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Oh, something new @Head_on_a_Stick . Will be a blast I bet.

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Maybe it’s just me, but laptop prices seemed to have jumped over the last two years. Factory refurb X1 2020’s are in the $2k range. But yes, there’s plenty available under that range.

@leo00 That’s a Vespa! :laughing:

Thanks for all the replies!

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:grinning: Vespa was what got me into dark hair beauties during a trip to Italy so very very long ago. Different times then when people were more care free.

I was thinking more of something beat up and toss out but not total junk in the eyes of a true craftsman and mechanic who can restore the bike to it’s formal glory. I probably get more pleasure out of that than getting myself a hot rod. That’s just the hobbiest in me and it’s pure zen.

Even used market have supply and demand. Keep your eyes open for a deal. When you get it, it will tickle you pink. Spare $$ can be used for another pistol or ammo if that’s your thing too.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment.


Your correct, there has been a shortage of chips for a lengthy while.


@leo00 A classic restore is always enjoyable! You bet - I participate proudly. Unfortunately, alot of folks around the world don’t have that opportunity. :us:

@sammiev That’s right, I forgot about the shortage. No wonder those late model Thinkpads require a bank loan! :wink:

On a side note, I’ve realized what a difference in performance a dedicated graphics card can have vs. onboard.