Looking for a 3D plot program


I am looking for a program that can create 3D plots from my data (not equations!). I have been using Qtiplot but it draw surface plots with mistakes (scatter plots are okay lol). Can you reccomend something? Linux version and that broken line of code called Windows is also accepted.

Yum, yea, it has to be free or at least trial/demo version or something.


[Hard way]: Did you consider python and matplotlib?

[Easy way]: Or just use LibreOffice. :slight_smile:

Alternatives to qtiplot - some are free, some are commercial; don’t know if there are trial versions of the commercial software.

What kind of data?

LibreOffice? How? Can’t find anything.

If I remember well (can’t check on this machine), you can create various graphs with the spreadsheet.

LibreOffice Charts

Ok, there is some kind of missunderstanding. I meant chart (X,Y,Z) 3 dimensional. What I see in libreoffice I can rotate XY chart to look 3D but I can’t insert the third (Z) line

Just couple of points like:
z x y
80 31 1
71 20 3
70 30 0,5
71,12 8 1
73,5 7 3
90 21,5 0,5
70 24 1
80 27 4
70 22 1

Pretty sure gnuplot can handle that; doesn’t need to be an equation or function to plot. Gnuplot is a standard plotting tool and will be in the Arch repos.

If you want something hardcore and can script, GRASS

I know hardly anything on matplotlib, but it doesn’t seem difficult:

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Can this make a surface plot?

Take a look at this: https://matplotlib.org/mpl_toolkits/mplot3d/tutorial.html

Can you please be so kind and tell me how to install and run this?

You need the python interpreter (which comes with default ArchLabs installation) and the python-matplotlib package. The script itself may be written in any text editor or IDE (I use PyCharm) and executed with python /path/to/the/script.py.

If I understand well, you’re not familiar with programming. If so, the question is:

  1. do you need to simply plot a set of data once, or
  2. to be able to draw charts from various data sets.

If 1.: Writing a script to be used one time makes little sense. Try to find a program.

If 2: My daughter’s just started studying data analysis. She’s more than likely to start asking me questions. It would be not bad if I learnt some matplotlib. I could help you with the script, provided that you don’t need results immediately.

use R.

It does everthing including interactive 3d plots.

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Ok so user friendly is Qtiplot, but to make correct graphs you have to “cheat” (change/add data) to get a proper plot. Sometimes is required to use GIMP because data manipulate is not enough…

The second one closest to user-friendly is gnuplot. It took me a while to get a plot, but final effect looks really proffesional.

I think that we can close that thread.

My script for gnuplot, maybe somebody will use it someday :stuck_out_tongue:

set hidden3d
set term qt
set dgrid 40,40
set pm3d
set palette rgbformulae 30,31,29
splot ‘YOUR DATA FILE’ u 1:2:3 with lines lw 3
set grid lt 1 linecolor 0 linewidth 0.5
set contour both
set ticslevel 0.1
set ticscale 1
set view 1,1,0.7
set tics out