Longtime iPhone user moving back to Android - Some Tips Required

So I am a long time iPhone user and recently I have become increasingly paranoid about my privacy. I have been limiting my online presence in social media, Facebook will be going the way of the Dodo with Twitter (probably too little too late there but hey, you gotta start somewhere) to follow suit once I have received my new phone.

So I have purchased a Pixel 6 which I intend to install CalyxOS on. The main thing I will miss from iPhone, aside from iMessage, is the syncing of my photos (of which I take many of the family etc) and I was hoping some Android gurus here might have some ideas on what to use?

Keep in mind I will be avoiding Google services, I have no issues paying for a service to sync with but some tips on where to start will be of use.

Any other Android privacy tips will be appreciated as well. Also what music streaming service is a good one, I refuse to use Spotify due to their utter shit compensation to the artist. I was pondering on Tidal but it is fucking expensive.

Thanks in advance.


The best device for a secure Android OS is a Pixel. Just be prepared for shit that might not work, bork, or whatever , and have to use F-Droid. ROMs are ROMs, they are like distros, That’s why I stopped using Android and custom ROMs.


Keeping an eye on this thread, got a Pixel 6 myself.


That’s why I got a Pixel. I actually did a fair bit of research before hitting go on this one. CalyxOS seems solid and they give multiple options for Apps, namely F-Droid and Aurora.

If it comes to the crunch and CalyxOS doesn’t work out then I will just run with Lineaege and MicroG. It’s been a while but I still have some custom ROm knowledge :smiley:


Hacked every phone but the current one. I don’t care any more. I just wanna order pizza.


It’s a great device, it’s the only Android phone I would buy. You don’t have to deal with other OEM shite. You can do pure AOSP ROM on it because it’s easy too root.

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I used to edit the .ini file on mine, that’s the whole config file of the device.

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For photo syncing: I’ve never achieved the same smooth syncing as on iCloud or Google with any app out there. But hey, at least I still own my photos.

  • Currently I use an app called Les Pas (also available on FDroid) to sync my photos to my Nextcloud (or any cloud for that matter).

  • For storage: I now use Nextcloud, for which I pay. But prior to that I had a free 5GB account on there. Second I can recommend Pcloud (https://www.pcloud.com/) that offers a bit more space but also has great syncing software.


@Peppe thanks for that. Nextcloud is setup with CalyxOS so I will no doubt need to extend the 1gb offered. As long as I can access my photos on my PC I am happy.

If you’re going to go secure on Android, you have to use FDroid, or use a framework or whatever that would sandbox apps. Like a sandboxed Play Store. Personally, the only apps I would need that are third party would be Uber and Lyft. Not the most secure platforms out there, but all I care about is using a framework that filters out ads and telemetry.

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@Dobbie03 This is the one in Germany I am using. If you scroll down you’ll find a link to their Nextcloud Subscribe, which is a 5Gb plan, no strings attached, fully free. Must be sth like this in Asia Pacific as well. I upgraded to 50Gb last year, for around 30 EUR p/y

This is a good ROM for security from what I have read:

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I think that’s what Aurora does.

I use Uber once in a blue moon.

@Peppe thanks mate, I was going to do some in depth searching once the phone had arrived. Appreciate the link.

Yeah Graphene apparently is rather unstable from what I have read. I’ll see how CalyxOS goes first I think as they have a few things happening that I quite like.

I’m pretty chuffed as Protonmail just upgraded my plan to 15 GB from 5 GB.


The most secure your device will come from the boot stack first, I trust Apple on that more than Google. It’s just way more less variables when it comes to scaling an OS from a “walled garden” to a “garden full of weeds”. On mobile or security, give me the walled garden. Bring me a company that puts that first that can patch vulnerabilities faster on their OS than Samsung can even update firmware using Android because of the boot stack. After that, it’s all about the apps, and Apple has had way less shit in their App Store to where the most secure Android apps are on fucking F-Droid.

This will be interesting always wondered about Linux on phone.

Linux is already on phones, they just aren’t reliable because the don’t make phone calls lulz. Flip phones, Blackberry’s, even freakin iPaq’s did what smatphones do now, they just needed a network. I don’t want Manjaro on my computer, why the fuck would I want it on a device where I couldn’t even call 911?

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The Pine Phone project has to use lesser hardware not because they can make it run on lesser hardware, it’s because the project can’t scale where it can manufacture a better device. That’s the key, it’s still a shitty device compared to shit out of China like Xiaomi. Why buy shit like that which can barely survive on the margins where it takes six months upon delivery, and even then it is still imagine ware?

I trust Apple more than Google by a long way. There are other things that got me going, I can’t find the link that sparked my paranoia but it certainly struck a chord.

Either way, I have nothing to hide, I just don’t want anyone else knowing what I do other than the ones I care about.


I’d buy a Sony Xperia 10 with Sailfish OS if I wanted to get rid my iPhone.

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I should look into if SailfishOS is available for the Pixel. Great OS. I had it running on a Nexus 4 many years ago.