Lonely on IRC

Guy’s I just want you to know it’s very depressing being the only one in the Archlabs IRC channel.


Yeah the IRC channel has always been quiet, might pop on later :smiley:

Lol…don’t bother…I’m going to pop out of there. Better action here on the forums.


I was wonering if ArchLabs has a IRC or a Discord channel :slight_smile: I guess you just answered my question :smiley:

well yeah I stopped going there because I ess by myself…

Never been much on IRCs in general

Never have I ever used IRC. :slight_smile:

last time i used IRC was in the year 2000, there was no MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Skype :smiley: just ICQ and IRC :smiley:

Good old ICQ days. I remember I was heavily into this band called Refused from Sweden. Out of the blue the lead singer messaged my girlfriend (who is now my wife) over ICQ to chat. It was Dennis from Refused himself. So fucking cool.


The Shape of Punk to Come is a classic!

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Hell yeah, one of my all time favourite non-Metal albums.