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Hi All,

After a suprisingly smooth install everything seems to be working well. One quick question, I’d like there to be a traditional lockout screen present after boot. I really enjoy the lock screen function in the rightclick menu, is there a way to make that lock screen display on “first login” after boot?

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Hello sir,

I’m not 100% for that but you should be able to disable auto-login from the lighdm-gtk-greeter settings menu. Generally ArchLabs uses LightDM as a greeter and more specifically Pantheon Greeter.
You can always play around with the settings of those. :slight_smile:

I just did a quick test, you can edit the configuration file of LightDM (located in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf ) and you can remove/comment out the line autologin-user=[user] , after that you should get the greeter displayed after your next reboot.

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Thats how I did it.

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Thanks for the guidance, I’ll start there.

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@IVN You may also want to do this as well using your terminal:

sudo groupadd -d nopasswdlogin

Editing the LightDM.config file is only part of the solution. But on the right track

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What’s the full and complete solution please?


sudo groupadd -d nopasswdlogin

The option -d is an invalid option, says my Terminal. What should -d do?

Hi demo,-d deletes the user from the group. Go to the following to get an understanding of groups and permissions:


Thanks. But the point is, that groupadd has no -d Option. Check out man groupadd.
I guess from what I read is, that one needs to fire this one: gpasswd -d user nopasswdlogin
I can’t test it, because I don’t want to break the system. Can you confirm my command is correct?

That’s correct I forgot the user part or you can use $USER. Sorry about that, too many irons in the fire at the moment.

Just to make it official and for someone looking here in the future for help, what is the full correct command then? Thanks

First go to:


Then comment out:


So that it looks like:


Then in your favorite terminal type in the following:

sudo gpasswd -d $USER autologin


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Looks like that user group is called autologin, so then the correct comand is:
sudo gpasswd -d $USER autologin

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Thanks @fitter I was using the old group name, and will correct on my post.