Login loop

Hi guys,

I get to the login page put the password and I think X is failing which brings me back to the login page again and again.
Sorry for the noob question but how do I get to start archlab in terminal mode because so far I can’t do nothing I’d like to see the log file of Xorg.
should I edit grub at the start with e and get a init=/bin/bash in there.
I’ve tried to boot in usb but the usb key gives me a kernel panik and another image of linux mint just doesn’t start at all, so I’d like to fix this without booting on usb if possible.
It was working fine I don’t know what triggered that could be an update idk
thanks for your help !

That would work but this works better:


wow nice I like that thanks it actually worked I got X to work now. I’ve done a init=/bin/bash and try startx it gave me an error but your command + startx actually gave me X thank you from there I’ll see what I can do to fix this cheers mate !