Log of Installer Options taken?


I just had to try various ways of installing AL to a SSD in a caddy on sdb in my T410s to get it too work (and then only after running update-grub in the AL already on the internal HDD)

Now I already cant remember how I did it
it was no additional boot loader, the rest is a blank

Is the summary of the installation page that you can see at the end of the installer kept anywhere?

Also / or is there a schematic of the steps in the installer anywhere?


Yes; after the install you can insert and mount a USB Drive and save it. I believe it’s in /tmp. Sorry I don’t have something setup for testing right now or I would check it.


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Currently no, the installer can show you the basic outline of the options selected but it’s not an exhaustive list. It would be fairly easy to dump the text to disk though, add the following to the bottom of the select_show() function (line 427 currently)

cat > "$MNT/install-config" <<- EOF
---------- PARTITION CONFIGURATION ------------

  Root Part:      $ROOT - ${ROOTFS:-skipped}
  Boot Part:      ${BOOT:-none} - ${BOOTFS:-none}
  Boot Device:    ${BOOT_D:-none}
  Swap Part/File: ${SWAP:-none}
  Swap Size:      ${SWAP_S:-none}
  Extra Mounts:   ${EXMNTS:-none}
  Mkinit Hooks:   ${HOOKS:-none}

  LVM used:   ${LVM:-none}
  LUKS used:  ${LUKS:-none}

------------ SYSTEM CONFIGURATION -------------

  Locale:   ${LOCALE:-none}
  Keymap:   ${KEYMAP:-none}
  Hostname: ${NEWHOST:-none}
  Timezone: ${ZONE:-none}/${SUBZ:-none}

  Chroot cmd: ${USERCMD:-none}

------------ USER CONFIGURATION ---------------

  Username:      ${NEWUSER:-none}
  Login Shell:   ${NEWSHELL:-none}
  Login Session: ${LOGIN_WM:-none}
  Autologin:     ${AUTOLOGIN:-none}
  Login Type:    ${LOGIN_TYPE:-none}

----------- PACKAGE CONFIGURATION -------------

  Kernel:     ${KERNEL:-none}
  Bootloader: ${BOOTLDR:-none}
  Packages:   ${fmtpkgs:-none}

After install the file can be found on the new install as /install-config


Thanks @natemaia
I will explore that.
For now, I had to do it again and took a photo with my phone