Log in screen gone

Guys, I recently posted about Pacli not working after a recent update, but now I have lost the login screen too. archlabs boots straight into my system. Not a huge issues as I am the only one using it, but now my options to use i3 and xfce aren’t there either?

Anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix?


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Hi! Check another topic about this issue

I did. Its not working, hence my post. But thanks. I’ll keeping looking into it.

Hey all,

I also am having trouble getting this to work and finding a smooth way to get i3 going in this new version. It seems like there is no recent documentation or conversation about it.

There will be no login manager in the next release (@nate will need to explain the technicalities) . I am sure this hasn’t been implemented as yet so there could be an underlying issue.

We don’t normally discuss changes with the community until they happen i.e. a release.

As I have said a few times, AL is something we would use ourselves so we change it up everyonce in a while :smiley:

Mind if I ask why ? It’s quite useful actually, i don’t see the point of not including one ?

Why not? I think it can provide some real usage feedback in advance.

Don’t get me wrong. We are always open to suggestions. The offer has been out there for testers and they are more than welcome to send feedback, positive of negative.