Lock screen password

I’ve just installed archlabs. The login password is what I set.However,once I lock the screen as root…The blurred screen appears as expected but the password I usually use for login won’t work! Is there a default password? I’ve tried: ‘archlabs’,‘toor’ and still nothing

it should be the root password.

Root password fails

@marv, why are you logged in as root? Have you accidentally hit caps lock (it should inform you if you have) and are you hitting enter after you’ve entered your pswd?


Yep,It happens sometimes without us knowing it, it happened to me.

Yea, I’m just not seeing where this could have happened, my guess is you are not entering it properly or have some odd keyboard/map issues. The default password for both root and the liveuser is archlabs however this is changed during install, and if it was changed then I’m 90% sure it did so correctly

Solution: Change the password

passwd $USER


Side Note: Curious, why screenlock as root?


Logged in as root because as a user ,I’m unable to access my drives…I’m given the ‘no permission’ notice. So I’ve been moving around as root testing this and that and it was screen lock’s time for check