Liveuser password (solved)

Hi. I just install ArchLabs 2018.02 onto my hard drive. I follow all the instructions but it never gave me the option to make a new usr or password. Now I try to update and is asking for a liveuser password. Is there any other way to update the system. Any help would be gladly apresiated. Thanks.

Did you follow all the steps? You must have accidentally missed one.

Reinstall and go through each step. Once you have completed one section you are automatically moved to the next.

@Carlos789 Please let us know if you succeeded in reinstalling Archlabs with secure password enabled.

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I’m installing the system again with no luck. Where is the option for creating usr and pass. So far not in step 1 Prepare system.

My bad. I did miss the configuration step. Thanks so much guy for your help. I’m marking this as solve.

Glad you sorted it, missing that step had to be the only thing. Welcome to ArchLabs.

Lol, how did you know my name was Guy! Yes I know you meant as a salutation. :smile:

This system is Rock Solid. It’s definitely a keeper. I can’t seem to get rid of the screen tearing during movies tho. But after distro hopping for a long time I found my home.

I had really bad screen tearing and changing the comptom backend helped, it stopped completly.