As mentioned in this topic , I’ve noticed I’ve turned into an easily irritated old grouch

This topic is meant to teach all of you in things that suck :slight_smile:

Here’s one:

Cannot load app

It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.

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some more:

  • (e)-commerce
  • everything is an ‘app’
  • DJ’s being regarded as musicians
  • everything should be ‘monetized’
  • your opinion matters
  • “if you’re not ‘inclusive’, we’ll exclude you. Because that’s what inclusive means”
  • facebook (or, better: social media)

Yeah, I love that one! And foolish me starts looking to see if I am linked up, then realized I have my web browser opened right next to that silly notification in my terminal or just a second ago installed a program from AUR!:roll_eyes:


another one:

A stop job is running for /mnt/myAwesomeDisk (0s / 1min 30s)

(Either wpasupplicant or NetworkManager is shut down before the NFS shares are umounted.)
I had a ‘reboot/shutdown’ script that made sure all nfs mounts were umounted, but when you forgot and just did a sudo reboot nowman that was annoying

I love this one:
loading packages…
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: octopi-notifier-frameworks and octopi-notifier-qt5 are in conflict
after you have waited 10 minutes for the thing to build and this shows up. Wouldn’t you think the devlopers would do a better job letting you choose which you way you want to go instead just leave it hanging! Auuuuugh!



All things KDE and all things Gnome -or- Gnome’ish.

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I agree with this to an extent. I was a huge Gnome fan, not so much now…it’s clunky to use.

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@anon37345411 yeah I agree, I thought gnome was fantastic until I actually started using it. That was when I was using Ubuntu 17.10 as well as Archlabs. I found it ate up resources and slowed down my system. My IDEs were also acting hinky. Then I found openbox and xfce and never looked back. I dumped Ubuntu obviously, it’s good for transitioning from Windows to linux, but I like to set up my system the way I want it, not the way someone else thinks it should be.

Gnome2 was amazing, I miss the little tweaks I used to have the ability to implement. Gnome Shell is okay but the gigh memory usage wears thin after a while.

Gnome 2 did have some great stuff. No doubt. But it was a drain on resources. Trying to compile some of my code in that environment, was terribly slow. Some of the conky were really quite good too.

Yeah it was more the gnome2 panel which I liked.

  1. app :smiling_imp:

Any particular app?

Things that suck, Judas Priest albums with out Halford.

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No, it is just a general feeling, nowadays it is app this and app that. Well, like the course modern computing is going towards tablets and phones with tiles and icons. When I want to move in the opposite direction, more towards text based computing.

I hope that does not sound like I am too old and grumpy. :grin:

I remember when it used to be programming, nowadays it is coding. Coding use to refer to someone who works in medical field, adding up your bills, almost like pocket vampires!:roll_eyes:

I’ve been a programmer/scripter/coder, depending on who you’re asking.
The ‘worst’ description up 'till now has been ‘he works with computers’. Very clear.

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Well, it could be worse. They could say we are as smart as computers.:flushed:

People that don’t tag their mp3 music properly. Seriously!

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How about when you ask for a screenshot, and instead of using scr prnt key and sending the file, they use their phone to take a snap shot, and you can’t tell what the hell it is. And when you try to explain how to do it, they say, but didn’t I just gave you a screenshot?:roll_eyes: