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Serves you right you horse’s ass (as Mike Krukow called him):

LOL, the “bloody sock” Schilling, no luck this time.

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JFC, Horse’s Ass might as well had Erlich and Bighead leading the company, with VC’s finding out it was a recipe for soup rather than a VR gaming platform. Schilling is a dumbass, a total meathead who is dumber than Jose Canseco, that whole article reads as “what not to do as a startup: first item, not have Curt Schilling behind it”. His startup was blowing through runway like Steve Howe with an 8 ball, employee’s were taking computers and monitors as payment. if your boss was fired from ESPN for saying stupid shit, chances are you’ll eventually wind up unemployed as well, because your boss is a horse’s ass.


“Fedora 34 has successfully managed to switch over to PipeWire from PulseAudio for its audio needs”

Pure PipeWire works fine in Arch. The only reason I still use PulseAudio is because I can’t figure out how to disable resampling with PipeWire. Once I crack that nut PA is toast…

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I’d never want to be an IT guy because I don’t want to see what people do with a computer lulz:


RotaJakiro: A long live[d] secret backdoor with 0 VT detection


Just posting this here because when I want to pull something off of AL’s repo via the website, I get a prompt asking me if I have an Atlassian account or the sort, I just log into that via Google account, so maybe I am helping them out with these numbers? I dunno:

Bad Luck Brian’s luck has changed lulz.

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I have only been buzzed one time at work from LSD, but that was because I was still buzzed from a weekend of Grateful Dead shows lulz. Micro dosing and MDMA are a thing in Silicon Valley. To help build a company that has a valuation of $2 Billion, well he might feel differently of why he was fired - I mean someone compared him to the CEO of WeWork, which is harsh - but he is still young, rich, and he can always come up with a new idea while at a EDM show once things open back up:

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Tracking One Year of Malicious Tor Exit Relay Activities

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I never use Tor, I don’t do anything online where I would need or have to use it. I think it’s important that it exists, but it exists for both good and bad actors, the bad actors using it for illegal black market trades, human trafficking, and back channel communication. Should there be tracking within the network? This is the caveat with networks like Tor, it’s open for all kinds of malicious activity outside of the network itself, it’s kind of a dark highway for nefarious traffic. Networks like Tor need to exist for reasons of voice from those can’t express them out in the open due to many reasons, and that might be the reason for the malicious actors attacking it.

Linux 5.10 LTS Will Be Maintained Through End Of Year 2026

Good news, thx @chroot

Current kernel development is moving way too fast.

Linus Torvalds Announces First Linux Kernel 5.13 Release Candidate


Wholy cow ! Pretty right in there @chroot

" As usual, Linux kernel 5.13 will be packed full of updated and new drivers, especially for GPU and networking, along with the usual improvements and bug fixes for filesystems, architectures (x86, ARM, PowerPC), tooling, process handling, VM, and last but not least documentation (devicetree bindings). Check out Linus Torvalds’ merge shortlog here for all the technical details."

I bolded the ARM because I think the rapid pace of release might be due ARM and other hardware considerations, plus MS also a factor, and it could either signal a bloom in new development, or a reaction to markets, or both.