Linux sites?


I like looking at OMG Ubuntu, but its less relevant (but not irrelevant) as I moved away from Ubuntu and then Debian-based, and so I thought I’d ask for recommendations for other good sites with Linux info, news, app suggestions etc

Also, as I have been bugging you good people here, and you have helped me so much (and made me laugh as well, which is v. important), I noticed some great tutorial etc sites that pop up (eg @Altman Linuxhint :+1:)

Any more recommendations?


Distro forums.

unixporn (reddit)





I like Luke Smiths you tube channel and distrotube also has some good content,

and githib

all have reasonable info…


As @philT already mentioned:

  • distroforums, I especially like our own, Fedora, MX, sometimes even Manjaro or Endeavour, or Linux Mint

  • ‘generic’ tech ones:;; archwiki

  • youtube (still): EF-Linux made simple, Linux Cast, OTB, sometimes Chris Titus, eznix, DJ Ware, Stephen’s Tech Talks

And yes, in the last category: I go crazy with our professor teaching whatever but there’s no denying Erik Dubois solved some issues for me and has a gazillion videos.

It is also remarkable how many solutions will pop-up from the Ubuntu forums: some of my ‘questions’ were already answered in 2016. Keep on bugging, mate, we won’t tell you to rtfm :wink:


This forum, i.e. its inhabitants, is/are different
I mean that in the nicest way of course :grin:
Often its just being told which fm to read that is required, or which pages out of X-hundred to look at :rofl:
Which everyone here has done for me without having to be asked and with a huge dollop of patience and humility and lack of patronisation (of course I cant see their faces as they type :rofl: )
This makes me very happy and I am extremely grateful.
Gush over


Well, thank you @leigh … will accept your gratitude with humility. :smile: