Linux Format April 2022

Came across an AL article in the April edition of Linux Format.


Oh cool !

Used to buy this magazine years ago !

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I would have liked if the rest of the team was mentioned under the developers.

Nice review. Add to " ArchLabs Links" in the home page?

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We could but there is no real link to link to. This was a screenshot from the magazine.

Well, AL s mentioned, it s that already, but it would ve been cool also.

And how would they find out?


LOL that is a good question @nwg

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Some low specs there. (On the left side of the page)

“Barebones window managers like sway”. Holy shit.

… and they don’t offer an electronic version either (that I can tell at least)

UPDATE: Oh yes they do!!!

But you have to be a subscriber to access the archives.

While this is true… I purchased a copy and at least produced a PDF of the article. I wanted to up it but pdf is not a format

Check their license. Even if you’ve paid for the copy, you may not allowed to re-publish it. Didn’t know it’s not a free magzine.

Yeah - they are slick when it comes to this. You can’t DL the complete PDF but they allow you to “print” up to 2 pages. THEN if that’s not bad enough, at the bottom of those pages you offload to a PDF, there is a code at the bottom of the page.

Slick bastards they are.

UPDATE: Meh, that was easy to remove…

Linux Format (Print Single Issue)
Chosen issue: May-22, delivered approx. 8 Aug 2022

seems to be available only as a paid pdf :frowning:

I found an online preview of issue 288 on their site, but page 22, where the archlabs preview is, is missing

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