Linux-ck kernel panic beyond recovery!


I have been running linux-ck for about a year now and it’s been working very well here. But I am now installing/configuring a new Archlabs system with linux-ck but it will not boot. It halts on lightdm and doesnt go further. I went with linux-zen instead but the strange thing is that I almost same happened on my oldest Archlabs system. I switched to linux-zen there too.
I do not have enough knowledge about why this happens.
I read something in arch-announce about zstandards mkinitcpio. Does linux-ck differ from linux-zen in that “area”? I there something I have to configure in order to make linux-ck “work” again?

This computer is a macbookpro 8,1 (2012) with intel gpu.

Thankful for a hint.


The system froze or just black screened?

Probably not.

Did you check logs from Xorg and lightdm?

That’s a pretty old laptop. LTS kernels might be better options.

5.11?? What version is it at? 5.11 has been kind of rough for lots of installations.

Hi and thanks for answering!!

System halts at boot at “starting lightdm” and cursor blinks and it just stops there.

I did not check logs. I am sorry but in this period of time I did not have time.

Yeah. This macbookpro is old but very compatible!
Now I have linux-lts installed as “backup” but at the moment linux-zen works well.

I was just curious if something changed that made linux-ck “harder” to get to work.


Hi cog!! Thanks for answering!!

Yes it’s 5.11.4-1
Is there a solution?


One might be to have an LTS kernel, guess it worked for other members.& as stated by @chroot above.

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Now I have linux-lts as backup!


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Does it works on LTS kernel @womp

Yes no problem!


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Hey that s cool, please mark it as solved as it can be of some help to other members.

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