Linux 4.15 Now in Core

Update to the newest Kernel, 4.15



Yesterday morning I received some updates via pacli but I waited a little bit, at the end of the day there were already 18 updates, I had to update without giving much attention but I realized that the 4.17 kernel was there, as I had not done the restart I had no problems … more close to leave and close the laptop did the restart and the AL did not come back … :frowning:

After grub just a black screen with nothing !, nothing written, no info, grub starts to open and everything to, just the mouse arrow was ok hahaha, I always keep a pendrive installation or a backup with clonezilla (I prefer this) I was able to access the old kernel option of grub and in text mode I removed 4.17 and the system came back but left some sequels … some icons and the kickshaw menu app disappeared and when I solved everything was in English again. . :frowning: (in case everything is pt-br)

I took the fright and went to search and I think I found something related.
The kernel has removed 8 old architectures from its core, so I believe that many old PCs and laptops like mine will have problems with this kernel, so I’m going to stay in 4.16 for a long time … hahaha!

[PATCH 00/16] remove eight obsolete architectures

Shedding old architectures and compilers in the kernel

Apparently the hardware of my laptop is not present, in fact it was not clear but the fact is that the 4.17 here did not work.

(sorry about the mistakes)

Are you running the Testing repo?

It quickly went from 4.16.8-1 to (now I’m holding)
I saw something like 2018.04

But it’s all 100% now.

I’m still on 4.16.7.

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Experiences … that’s all we get.

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