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Haha yeah i read that last night in bed and had a bit of a laugh.

Apariently intel doesnt want to admit to it being a bug because of some historical lawsuit which would mean they would then need to recall all effected CPU’s.

regardless of that tho their changes to help mitigate the issue are pretty poor and why the fuck are they adding a cpu flag for it in cpu’s that will not be effected?

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Intel deserves to be called out. Glad Linus spoke his mind.

Will Intel ever admit it’s a “bug”? Not outside a lawsuit settlement.

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Linux is the man, you know if something needs to be said Linus will be the one to say it.


The sad part is, Intel is about to take a major performance hit with this fucked up patch that is coming in 4.15

@ector Read that and the email thread from Linus, blasting Intel. To update now, 4.15 has been released in mainline, and is currently in the staging process for Arch. So, if you are running the 4.14.15-1 kernel it will be replace soon, and we will have to live with those crappy patches for meltdown.

@AvnSgt I do not use them because if I use the kernel above 4.8.14 my notebook can fry the chips and eggs, also I do not hold anything important on the notebook, all I consider important save it on h.d and external usb.
Best regards

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It has been a long time since I have been able to cook on top my laptop. :wink: But truthfully, I feel bad for those who run the LTS kernel, and will receive the patches back ported to their machines. Then they will question later what does their machine seem to be slower than normal, and it is all because of the f’d up crap Intel produced, to patch meltdown. smh

I agree even if intel should replace the buggy cpu!

This is why am an AMD man from this onward. Just waiting for that first Dell AMD Ryzen laptop :smiley:

That is, if Dell will jump on the AMD bandwagon, to support Ryzen.


True, They’re probably receiving kickbacks from Intel :wink:
I wouldn’t mind buying an Asus, waiting for an affordable one though.

Bumping this because I feel it’s important.

WTF, looks like they’re trying to force out the helmsman. I can’t condone the way he’s occasionally treated others but everyone of us is different to a certain extent and yes… He can be obnoxious but he’s always been this way. I can’t help but feel, the ever present urge of society to make every aspect of our lives politically correct, has much to do with this. I for one, hope the old guard’s around a bit longer.

Linus is suppose to be taking some empathy training. However, it has been my experience, that companies often place a person in an interim period, while the other party’s actual disposition is being determined. I hope this is not the case, but if it is, I fear Linux, as we know it will no longer exist. The corporate entities will have won, and our Open Source kernel will fade into obscurity.


My thoughts and sentiments, exactly.

If Linus is indeed pushed out, and he does not fork the kernel. That will make BSD Kernel look pretty inviting.

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Like I said at the BL forum, he is probably a perfectionist. I understand his mindset.


I think we can safely attribute this to SJWs and those who that where their feeling on their sleeves. Personally, I would rather be told my code was shit, and work to improve to make it better. Then have my code accepted, but not being used because someone was scared they might hurt might feelings.

Actually, I think there is an in between.
Like, you can be a nice guy and tell others that this or that won’t work and to redo it, it’s pointless to be an asshole.
Like Dobbie said, if he’s a perfectionist, it’s understandable that he tries to watch and review everything and want the best all the time. But his behavior has also probably stopped some competent people to get involved in the development of the kernel, and he can be as linus as he want, it’s a bad thing (but he can still scream as much as he wants at Intel and Nvidia :smiley: )
Wait and see I guess…