Lilidog Linux

Seems one of the BL forum guys has put out their own spin of Openbox with Debian

From the screenshots it looks nice.


He’s had that project for a while: sleekmason thread on BL forum experimenting with different openbox setups. Using Sourceforge now.

I tried a live version; he does a good job.

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I’ve tried before as well and it is very well put together. A nice project, absolutely

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Tried the sid version. Nicely put together.

Nice. I will check it out today I think.

Also tried the stable version. It’s better. sid is a little buggy.


That looks like LXQt.

Testing this on a thumb drive. It’s interesting, there are some packages on it that I am not familiar with or know what they are. It’s pretty geeky though, in a cool way.


Looks nice @drummer

I may check out the Sid version. Or do BL with Sid. It depends on what alcohol goes better with Sid.

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I’m really beginning to like you. :beers:


lol, you bad boy, lets see what will come out ! @drummer


I think the reason why they call it Sid is because Sin would make Unstable more palatable to people like me. Also because it’s a sin to run anything but Stable in Debian.

Sid and sin go well together. Thus alcohol.

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Sid was also 11 (here is where my pedo joke takes a swig of research and goes south) when at his debut in '95. In fact, you could call tomorrow his 37th bday.

Older than me


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This seems a bit alcohol fueled.

If so, well done.

JD and I always have a weird time :beers:

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glad to see you back around.

We’ll have to do a shot next time I get back home to Tarrant Co. for a visit. New Mexico/ Colorado/ Family/ and COVID has kept me put for long enough.

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Yeah, sleekmason’s distro is cool. He popped up around the time I was finishing up developing at BunsenLabs. The one thing I noticed about his spins is he does things differently since he’s newer to Linux and the Debian Ecosystem than some of us. He’ll use packages we have either forgotten about, don’t know about, or wrote off for some weird paradigm we might have. He kind of reminds me of Phillip Newborogh in a way. (AKA papanonimal AKA corenominal for the uninitiated, who was the crunchbang author) He just puts stuff together without preconcieved ideas and it’s really neat to watch happen.

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Checked out the stable version a while ago, things worked as they should off course. But it is not for me though, too much unnecessary stuff for me there.

Is the sid version very different from the stable?

The sid version is based on Debian testing unstable. It looks/functions the same as the stable version. I found a few bugs (reproducable) while testing in less than 1 hour. Since it’s sid, I didn’t bother to report.