LightDM Service error on install

Hello all- I’m getting the following error installing archlabs (see attached jpeg).

Does anybody know of a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

This issue seems to have popped up a few times from a search of the forum.

Have you rebooted the system yet and what is happening?

It maybe a case of having to mount boot, root, home partitions etc then arch-chroot from a live session of archlabs and sudo pacman -S lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter and then systemctl enable lightdm.service to get lightdm working, after that reboot to work as it should.

Gave that a run, but no love. No biggie. I just reinstalled and used xinit. I’m in i3-gaps 99% of the time anyway. And… it installs but I just get a blinking cursor when trying to autologin with xinit.

My .xinitrc simply has the line “exec i3” and .profile is:

[[  ! $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1]] && exec startx -- vt1

I’ll search the forums for more one that… sheesh… the gods have conspired against me on this install.


This is what I get when I manually install lightdm as per your instructions. The strange thing is that it hangs and I can’t do anything to get out of this once I’m at the point in the attached file.

Did you try switching to another TTY (<alt>+F3)?

Then check the journal:

journalctl -u lightdm

It’s probably not worth the effort anyway because LightDM runs X as the root user but startx (or plain xinit) runs X as the normal user, which is a significant security advantage.

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I think I may work on the xinit way as you alluded to, but in the interest of helping anyone else who runs into this: attached is what I get when I

‘journalctl -u lightdm’

From what I can gather from searching the web there is obviously an issue with lightdm. For a newb like me what would be an easy way to downgrade to an older version?

As I said I’ll just go the xinit route and try and get that working, but thought I’d post in case this is helpful. Thanks so much BTW for your time!

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I ran into this issue during the install as well. It seems if you select more than one wm xorg will fail to install correctly.

Try selecting a single wm during the install and see if the problem persists.

Looks like it is more trouble than its worth if they have issues upstream with lightdm, i would stick to startx.

Hi @coldhands, it seems that the problem does indeed persist. I selected only i3 as a WM during install and xinit (no lightdm) and I get the blinking cursor.

Oh well.

Interesting, I assume you are using the latest installer? If I remember correctly I used the older installer from distrowatch. I realize this isn’t an ideal solution but it’s worth a shot to get you up and running.