LightDM screen not displaying login screen

Wholy crap, you va had a big one in there @drummer

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@altman That was just the knee lulz, I had like three other surgeries done to other parts of my body that were pretty serious ones, but I was lucky to have some of the best doctors in town working on me. Doctors and nurses are real unsung heroes, along with all the other medical personnel. I wasn’t at fault in the accident, so I didn’t have a huge bill with it.

Wow, tough guy in there @drummer

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Ya know I just thought of this, and it might make me look like a complete noob, but I added the ly package after install, knowing it’s a DM, just to see what it is, did that in past installs but never found out what it did lulz, yet I still installed it anyway. That might be the reason why, I never had issues with it or used it, but just to keep it real (I don’t have an issue looking noobish, it’s best to know your flaws and limitations as well as be aware of mistakes), I thought I should add this here. It’s more and likely the case of why LDM wasn’t working, but I didn’t load ly this pass, even though I am using xinit now, as well as I should.

I highly doubt having multiple DM’s installed was the issue, they all play perfectly fine together and I believe you can only have one enabled at a time and really all that happens when enabling is a symbolic link is created pointing /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service to the DM’s service file.

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@natemaia Yeah I was just spitballin’ as far as what it could be, but I also wanted to post that just for the record of what I was doing with the installation. My other AL install on my old HP laptop - that has Archlabslabs - works fine with LightDM, I just booted that one up after a few months, fully updated, and it’s all good.

I am curious of the ly DM. I am not familiar with it given all the Arch and other distros I have tried that doesn’t have it. Is this available on AL only, one developed by y’all? How does one use it?

Not ours, we used to offer it as an option during install but no longer do.

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@natemaia Cool, thanks, and thanks for everything, you all rock.