Lightdm freezing when making any selection on top right menu, xsession, power etc

I went back to the older iso release to give lightdm another try out because it seems to be the best compromise between minimum resources and ease of use but for the likes of me I am unable to solve why selecting any of the items on the top right selection menu will hang it up. I just get a frozen Archlabs screen with all the selection menu gone. No mouse or keyboard input response.

I tried a suggestion on the arch wiki but it still gives the same problem:

When I tried it on the VM, it turned out just fine but I really want to get it working on the host machine. The picture you see before you is from the working VM.

Side note: the dwm tweaks released from archlabs is just absolutely fabulous. You guys seem to have things down just so right. Not being an ace C programmer myself I wanted to try out other minimalistic WM out there that may be easier to configure, hence you see ratpoison and spectrwm before you. IMHO, Fluxbox seems to be the ideal balance for the uninitiated who can’t go completely tile (the mrs :grinning:).

Try wiping /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d, that’s the only real difference with vm installs.

You’ll be surprised (unless you mean tile the bathroom…)

Thanks for the quick reply Nate. Still having the same issue.

LOL. She can tile the bathroom better than me. She likes GUI but I hate it, it was solely Windows 10 which turned me into a GUI bigot. That thing made my pc into a piece of useless brick. No exaggeration there. Just the OS, Chrome alone with 2 tabs and Bitdefender took up 7.5 GB of ram! The only good thing about all this was that it gave me the push I needed to go into Linux and I am so very glad to have explored Archlabs! Started off with Manjaro (absolutely nothing wrong with them) but wanted to explore my options for something lighter, faster and more easily configurable. Got bit by the minimalist bug I guess.

Fluxbox was our compromise though she can still twist my arm off for Xfce :slight_smile: