Life of external ssd

Hi everyone, I wanted to point out that my h.d. ssd external samsung t1 purchased 28/12/2015 two days ago died without warning.
So to those who have h.d. external always backup and don’t make my mistake of thinking that external ssd can last 5 -6 years.
I lost 5 distro is a ntfs partition, for data recovery, the professionals asked me for 350 euros, I gave up this expense.
In spite of this, this hard disk lasted 3.8 years, for me they are too few, but it’s just my opinion, now I’ll buy a san disk we’ll see how long it lasts.

Well that sux, stuff don t last much nowadays.

Time to start making backups daily. I stopped doing so months ago. Thanks for the reminder, @ector.

This scares me a little. I have two SSDs in this laptop. One i just replaced, but the other which has the install I’m typing from is on a 4yr old EVO 840… once .iso refresh is complete I think I will have to make my main on the newer 860.

Swines! :angry:

Perhaps try

This (Pro) looks more like someone that wants to rip you of your money

They say GOODRAM IRDM Pro series are of good quality and affordable. I’ve never had one, but it may change soon.

That’s not uncommon for modern ssd nand chips by any means, as the size goes up the nand chips have fewer and fewer write cycles.

I’m not sure what size it was but that can play a factor, having at least 10% free space and keeping the drive warm can also help improve the longevity. SSD’s have limited writes, so if you wrote a lot of data to it, that’s not doing it any favours.

I only use spinning rust for my backups, I don’t trust SSD drives because they can fail so abruptly that there is no hope of you being able to get your own data back. I had one of my 3TB hard drives die last year but it was slow and obvious which gave me time to pull all my data off of it before tossing it, contrast that with a friend of mine that had his SSD die recently with no warning or possibility of getting his data back.

In short: Get a western digital HDD, they have some of the best life expectancy out there.

Good call @natemaia .

On my end I have a Seagate model: ST9500423AS size: 465.76 GiB that s nearly 8 yo on one of my lappies, can t say anything bad as a replacement to a HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook s OEM s crappy hhd.

Edit; But it aint an external drive.

Starting the system and apps from HDD is the PITA I couldn’t stand any longer. I use SSD, and just do incremental backups of my ~/ onto 1 TB HDD.

Yea, SSD for daily use, HDD for backup. Same here

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Theyre actually the same thing, external drives are just a regular old hard drives with a SATA to USB adapter and small plastic enclosure.

What I did is probably less safe, but more convenient to me: I took the DVD drive out of its place, gave it a case, and put HDD into the DVD drawer.

[edit] So far I didn’t need my new external DVD a single time. :smiley:


Oops, thx for the comeback @natemaia

Looks great , good idea by the way @nwg

hi heads, unfortunately I don’t see the disc.
thank for help

Holy words.
I agree with you that external USB3 hard disks are even safer today, to ssd nand

there are professionals who can repair the SSD, they have equipment for various euros that they can recover but the costs are high.
I contacted them online, they analyze you for free and come to collect the ssd at no cost.
But then they go back to the recovery, they assured me that they would be able to recover a lot, then if it’s true or not, I can’t tell you.
If I had a job, I would have done so out of curiosity