Has anyone given this a whirl? Would be interesting to hear some feedback.

I gave it a whirl but as I am a pedantic prick I couldn’t get it to work nicely with my CSS. Other than that it seemed okay.

Yeah - I didn’t spend much time either. Once I determined it wasn’t doing an auto-fill to some sites, I lost interest. The concept is good I think.

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It’s out of date, FF is up to v82.0 now so it has these vulnerabilities.

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I wanted to retry LW and made more progress. Importing bookmarks went as expected and determined that by editing librewolf.cfg I was able to have logins auto-fill. So, It’s running as well as I expect it to. I installed the -bin version and looking at the Help, About - it is Nightly and right now at version 84 (kinda hard to see since the version numbering is overwritten by “Nightly”

I am using it currently. It’s slightly faster than FF. Not sure if it’s safer. Read an article saying it’s still phoning home.

Yeah - I’m not entirely sure I’ll switch from FF to LW. There are valid reasons to (both security wise and politically) move away from FF - I just don’t know if one of the two is convincing enough. Politically, I could care less what they do or think and in the end, it very well may be their own demise.

In the end thought, qutebrowser may actually be the best way to go.

My FF test better than LibreWolf with the changes that I make.
Tested it for a full day. For a newbie it would be possible better than straight FF if LibreWolf can be updated a little faster.