Librem 5

Purism is going to soon release a new phone called Librem 5.

It is a phone that is going to run GNU/Linux which is called PureOS, which is a really good thing considering how iOS and Android both are very restrictive Operating Systems (I know Android is a lot more freedom but still restrictive) and unlike Android, it does not have any software that will invade your privacy unlike Android. Good thing about it is that you can connect to your external monitor and use it like a desktop. It has a 64bit processor which means you can run nornal GNU/Linux applications. According to the developers they have told me that you should be able to boot right from an ISO image which is something you don’t see on phones.

I hope ArchLabs can optimize its OS for a phone so users can install it on this phone.


Interesting, I think I like that concept of having GNU/linux OS on a phone. :thinking:


Indeed, we have been abused by corporates a lot and I hope this can be the future.

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So… Like you’re never gonna google on this phone? I find it very hard to believe this will go anywhere without corporate support, which inevitably means failure or data collection somewhere.

Sad days


I always use Google.

Just be sure use a VPN and fake names for your profile. Disable search history and you should be good.

Corporate interests aren’t the problem. Without global corporate production and subsequent trade, we’d be reduced tomorrow to pre industrial squalor. People do things for their own interests, not yours and corporations are no different. Like it or not and for better or worse, that’s reality and the way of the world. If you enter contract or do business with any corporate entity naively and with blinders on, then the fault is your’s and your’s alone.

The real threat to our privacy is when clandestine government organizations coerce corporations to (with intent and purpose) deceive consumers without their knowledge or express consent. Corporations pose no threat to our rights by and of themselves but slimy government intrusion through them, does.


Well said

While you are right, there are some corporates that do things ethically such as not sell your information just to get money. They have advertisements instead, take DuckDuckGo for example. They still have ads on their site and they do it without tracking the user.

And corproates could use end-to-end encryption for communication through skype for example, they could minize as much information they have about users as possible as they are constantly forced to give up their information to the government, but if they did take privacy steps, for example Signal, they can’t get anything.

Anyways when I said we are being abused by corporates there are several ways we are being abused, privacy is one of them but there are other stuff such as choosing to limit what can the user do with their own phones, deliberatly not providing updates anymore to their phones so it can become outdated, another smart move to make these phones outdated is by pushing updates to slow down phones etc.

Correct you are right, however, if we chose not to use these services, what other services are we going to use since there aren’t other services that provide as good quality as the corporate services, that is for now. I am glad Purism is setting up and resolving such issues.

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I just stumbled upon PurismOS and the Librem5 during a search for something else (gotta love the internet for that).
I think it’s quite an attractive phone, not only software-wise but also the fact that it has an exchangable battery and so on. The price is quite steep but then again that is not something new for smartphones these days.
I read into it a little bit and it seems they still have issues to resolve such as how to integrate Signal as a messaging app (you might change your messaging app but most of your contacts will not), and some more. But overall I am quite impressed with what the team was able to accomplish so far. I will definitely keep an eye on this as I am more and more frustrated with Android, google and the likes in general.

Anybody has some (new) thoughts on this?