Glittersloth from the BL forums mentioned this and it seems rather interesting.

Has anyone used Librefox?


I like the added features. I will try it to see the performance. Thanks for share it @Dobbie03

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Never heard of it before, might check it out.

Hi Negata,
Have you tried it?
How’s librefox going?
So should I use an old version of firefox to use librefox?

I tried it yesterday, no performance hit on usage. Interesting project.

Does it work with the latest version of firefox?

For all intents and purposes, yes, it’s actually designed to do that. Follow their instructions to download Firefox (linked) to get the current version. Then follow their instructions to apply their privacy fixes.

I didn’t go through the whole list of recommended add-ons.

I already had Firefox installed from the official packages; it may actually work better to uninstall any existing version and start from scratch to create a clean profile. User would need to develop an upgrade stategy then if you want to keep pace with Firefox updates.

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I don’t know about you, but no addon link works for me.

@PackRat What about this in the AUR ?

Its a configuration file set, not sure if it pulls in the browser itself ? Looks like it will. Might give it a try.

thank @s7l
Today I try with the key with archlbas to install from aur


I installed it but I don’t understand how to check if lbrefox works :rofl:

I was trying it on Void; that AUR package looks interesting.

Be forewarned - I launched regular Firefox this morning and all the auto-logins (like for this forum) are cleared. No password loss though. Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.

I would say you need to use this exclusively, like you said packrat, uninstall firefox and startover with a new profile. I dont use firefox and its completely uninstalled on my machine so will give this a try over the weekend, will back up first though.

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Hi @ector ! I haven’t tried it yet. This afternoon I will install it

Just did a clean install of VSIDO, I think I’ll wipe Firefox on that and install LibreFox from scratch.

Edit - went ahead and tried it. Pretty responsive, but I couldn’t install any extensions. Not sure what happened there.


@PackRat I read that there were conflicts adding extensions because the values that appear in the configuration are already changed by default.

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I keep doing tests. Now reading the mozilla.cfg and modifying values manually in the about:config to test the performance. There are hundreds of preferences, but I like to review them carefully

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That’s what I figured, but I haven’t looked at the changes line-by-line.

Actually runs pretty smooth.

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Isn’t that what waterfox is all about?

Last I read, that developer was also looking at creating a search engine to compete with Google.