Legends of Drumming

Ok well here is a thought: what if this drummer played with Rush?

Barrimore Barlow is pretty badass, is just as creative as Peart, but again, the concept of Rush isn’t due to the drumming per se, but the lyrics that Peart had brought.

It would be interesting to say the least. Neil did so much for Rush, in many different ways. Most drummers in bands that are well established, in my humble opinion, are always brilliant drummers (yes, even Lars). There is a reason why they are still in the band.

You do know it’s a mortal sin to mention Peart and Lars Ulrich in the same breath, don’t you?

Don’t worry, I prayed to his Holiness, The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne and he forgave me.

In all seriousness, I quite like Lars’ inventiveness. Yeah, it might be a lot of cutting and pasting but the ideas have to come from somewhere.

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We might as well bring Tommy Lee into this discussion, unless we are not on Valtrex, just to not have it break out with herpes lesions lulz.

But I will say this: Tommy Lee was perfect for Crue, he really did play great - much like Steven Adler had with Guns and Roses debut album, which I did actually cop from playing with a butt rock band - especially on the debut album and this track:

I’m going to make a new thread for this. Don’t want to detract from the Neil Peart worship here.

Tommy is amazing, he is so fast and still hits so hard.

Roger Taylor is one of my three rock gods, I fucking idolised that dude as a kid.

My son is named after is legend:

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Tommy Aldridge didn’t play on the first two albums, Lee Kerslake of Uriah Heep recorded both, and he played fuckin’ great on them. The hardest thing for drummers to do, is record in the studio. That’s why studio drummers exist, or had existed. Kerslake recorded wonderfully, he was recording way before he did the Ozzy albums, and it shows, you can hear it.

Continue here man.

Yeah Tommy Aldridge is pretty damn solid.

Yeah I first heard Haake a few years ago, that’s a cool name for your son.

I have failed to mention him here, but not that we have a thread for this:

Edit: live and better sounding version:

AH sorry man, I named him Tomas. Haake was just a bit too far out there as a first name :smiley:

Is his second name Guinness? Tomas Guinness does have a nice ring to it. Especially since it can translate in Spanish very well, like Tu Mas Guinness, Toma Guinness, Mas Guinness, you get the idea.

Edit: I don’t mean this as a slight to your son, it’s just the pints telling me to tell you this, since they miss you.

Tommy Aldridge in action:

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One of the best shows I got to see live which I cant find a video for, Sully from Godsmack vs Lars from Metallica in a drum off, was epic!

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lol, it was a great show there @xstefen

I would be remiss if I didn’t include Tony Williams in here:

Yep, some Tony Williams.

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Papa Jo Jones needs some love up in here:


lol, you bet sir.

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