Left Handed Icon Themes

Just setting up my new ArchLabs installation and thought this list of links to ‘sinister’ cursor icon themes may be helpful to someone?

I know I wont die without them but after trying them years ago it feels so much more ‘comfortable’ -
Like not having to try to write hook-clawed and totally blue inked with a fountain pen any more - ‘My handwriting is a disgrace’ says the teacher - what a frigging surprise :roll_eyes: :rofl:

And, sorry, (but I have to dual boot for work software) https://windowsloop.com/left-hand-friendly-mouse-cursor/

I have to say that the Left-hooker Osidian one is the only one I dont find ugly

I am amazed that these are the only ones that there appear to be out there for us freaks

There are 780 million of us after all :leftwards_hand: :fist_left: :point_left:

I’m not really that militant - just proud of it for some sad reason, and dont get me going on ginger hair, or being 5’3" :roll_eyes:


I think nobody would had realized you were left handed until you mentioned it here.

situations prove GIF

But I do get your point about pointers.


how about a cursor that just points up? pretty neutral that way.


That’s a good idea
do you know of any?