Leave ubuntu/mint for arch

Like many new linux users, I started w/ Ubuntu over a decade ago. Like many, even as I gained some confidence in linux, I kept one instance of ubuntu always installed. At the moment, I have one installed on my laptop, and one on my desktop. 99% of the time, I am using AL though.

I am unable to do many things on ubuntu which I probably did not need to do earlier (like various builds).

Somehow, I have a fear that if I go all arch, if things break, I won’t have a safe spot. However, with AL, nothing has broken and it has been over a year. I wanted to try another arch-based distro instant OS also. I don’t have any more primary partitions on my m/c.

Do folks in a similar place/time think it is time to say goodbye to the safety of ubuntu and go all arch? Do other folks also do it? Just interested in the philosophy of the folks on here about this. My main fear is arch breaking and me not knowing enough about it to fix it, and needing the m/c for something crucial during that time. It hasn’t happened w/ AL, but it did happen multiple times with Manjaro.

PS: “Allah” (my greatest invention) doesn’t know linux either, at least not arch linux (I did see him struggling with ubuntu some time back, he’s not very smart, but will figure it out eventually) so I’m unable to get help from him.

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As someone who travelled a similar trajectory, i was about to offer you some thoughts… then i saw your last paragraph re women. So… nope.


@vinay There is a rule here in the forum:
No politics and no religious crap here.
And stop your fucking sexism please.

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Please understand: I am posting satire about Mohammed, like Charlie Hebdo. I am NOT supporting the things he did obviously. I am actually criticising him! Hope that is clear. Have edited the post to make that clear.
Also, it is not religious at all: it is purely historical. No sane person would regard Mohammed as a religious man, hell he was a criminal by any reasonable account. But he was a historical figure, and one who inflicted horrible damage upon Hindus. As a Hindu, I have every right to criticise him, and I will. My style is through satire. I hope that is alright. It also gets a few laughs, and makes people’s boring days a little more interesting :slight_smile:

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The Profit Mohammed thanks you (just call me ProMo). :slight_smile:

Now, for any thoughts on the move to arch? …

Just make the move. The main issue will be with upgrades - like when polybar breaks because of that json library. Learn to use pacman in case you have to downgrade and keep a USB of Ubuntu (SharpBang would be a better Debian alternative :grin: ) for a live/rescue session if needed.


Keep USB of ubuntu: great advise PR.

And I loved your style “just make the move.” You know what, I probably will!

You can critisize every religion and you dont want to excuse. My problem was, that i misunderstood that totally . My mother language isnt english, maybe thats the reason.
Thats all.

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Thanks subjunkie. No worries at all bruv!

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Started on Linux on Ubuntu(derived) ( in the mid 2000s I think) also as loads of people I guess.

Looks like the easiest at first. Then went on a distro hoping frenzy that lasted a couple of years ! lol

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My case was the same Altmanji. I started w/ Ubuntu. Then soon was triple booting with opensuse and mandrake. All this continued till roughly last year when I found AL. It didn’t break on me, it was minimalist, and I loved Nateji’s configs. So I stayed. Also you love me, right? :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the forum is great w/ folks like you, PR, and several others who join the convos.

Go Charlie Hebdo! For the right to criticize historical figures w/o having a sword to your neck, come on, that is so 7th century arabia. Puhleeze guys!!

You bet @vinay

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On a more philosophical note Altji, I feel sometimes that all our lives, that’s all we are really looking for—love. In a way, we just want to be loved :slight_smile: (seriously, not kidding).

I am of the mind that the only system that won’t break on me is the one I never boot into lol. I haven’t used Ubuntu in ages. Or Mint. I didn’t and still don’t care for Ubuntu, or Mint. I couldn’t last a month using either.

I multi boot Linux, because I still can’t decide what I want to do with it lulz. I have ceased distro hopping, I wind up always using both Arch and Debian, mostly MX Linux for Debian, or AntiX, using either with Bunsen, and Arch lately has been AL and ArchBang, and Anarchy when that installer works. I need to check out Fedora and NixOS also, and load both on the HP lappy.

I haven’t used Linux for years until a couple of years ago, and the only distro that has hung around since I started again is MX. I tried Manjaro, KDE Neon, PopOS, Solus, ■■■■, did the straight Arch and Debian too. What stopped me from being that schitzo with Linux was going back to the distro I used last before I took a long hiatus from Linux, and that one was Crunchbang. So now I have both BL and AL in Crunchnag mode, and will probably do the same with Nix and Fedora lol. I should had picked up where I left off, instead of doing all that hopping.

But Ubuntu and Mint never got back in the rotation. You’ll be fine without Ubuntu, hell I fragged Ubuntu more that any other OS I ever used. I never had taken Ubuntu seriously anyway. I guess my answer to your question is always have more than one computer lol. Have at least three of them, you can find good hardware on the cheap, and multi-boot at least of them.

I am thinking of MX myself. I used Antix for a long time (even though the guy behind it terms himeself “anti-capitalista” or something. I myself very pro-free enterprise).

I think I’ll just get rid of ubuntu and go w/ PR’s suggestion of keeping a USB of it handy in case I need to do something urgently.

InstantOS is arch based, and I did test drive it, found it very nice. I have tried all the other distros you mention except NixOS. I am kinda done distro hopping I feel. I havent hopped out of AL and its been a long time.

One distro I might go back to is Suse. It was always a little different.

I started my Linux journey on Ubuntu 8.04. I lost count of how many installs I have done due to a wrecked system thanks to me experimenting and learning.

My move to Arch brought me a stable system and have been on Arched based for 6-7 years now. So damn good.

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lol, I m with you on borked experiments, I ve been better with this as of late !

Took me years to learn that !

Use btrfs for the filesystem and take a snapshot before upgrading, you can roll back to it if there are any problems.

Ask here if it breaks, the community is very helpful.

And anyway Ubuntu breaks more often than Arch if the respective forums are anything to go by :grin:

Although @anticapitalista is very much against the capitalist system (as am I) not all members of the development team share those political beliefs.

@anticapitalista is cool with great taste in WMs … I’m looking at you FB and herbstluftwm. :slight_smile: