Latest iso install from scratch - feedback

Hi great team,
firts nice install, no problem.
after i try to install packahe-query and yaourt and one surprise i need ot install gcc and base-devel . it was not the case with the march iso.
second point. the icon desapear in the run windows, by touch the key ‘windows’ to start it.
and so i have all command in bin folder is suppose and not only some application like vlc …
normal ?

Nonetheless, a great distrib , very clean install and my uname today :wink:
Thanks for all your effort

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Guess that yaourt s not maintained anymore real quick

Glad that the install went good on your side @Naltap

Found it;

Thanks @altman
what is your recommandation to replace yaourt ? best choice ?

No problem , Baph s the default one used in AL if I m not mistaken.

Edited;Maybe someone else will chim in. @natemaia

Here s the link @Naltap

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Thanks @altman i will try it

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No problem @Naltap

Your options are numerous here, I found baph, yay, and yup to be all very decent choices.

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Hi @halcek
i will use baph becauce there is less dependencies like go 100Mo for yay and yup.
and it is the default with archlabs,
and it do the job :wink:

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Yea most of the things you mentioned are normal defaults, just minimalist.

You can change the rofi script bind to use -d to bring back the drun menu with icons, default is now just -r run.

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@natemaia, i like it more & more.
the minimalist force to understand the system. i prefer than manjaro or other distrib with a lot package than i don’t use.
For you what is the best web browser with light security and performance: in this side i see than firefox have the same size than the kernel :wink:


Yay is pretty awesome. What I like about it is that it can be be used exactly the same way as pacman. (Don’t know if that’s stating the obvious)

Straight forward install.

$ sudo pacman -S git
$ git clone
$ cd yay
$ makepkg -si


Thx for the tips/how to @johnpiers . This can be of some help to the forum.

@Naltap Thanks man, that’s how I see it too :slight_smile:
Regarding your question about browsers, I’m a horrible example, I use chrome most of the time. I’ve used FF around 2010-2014, qutebrowser around 2017-2018, surf for most of 2018, then back to chrome when I got my new ryzen cpu and the usage went way up in other browsers.

TLDR; just use whatever one you like, they’re all kinda garbage in one way or another.

@johnpiers In AL you can do (don’t need git either, it’ll download a snapshot tar and extract)

baph -i yay

@natemaia Thanks i will test some different browser.
I will test too your tiling WM, yaxwm: light with some features vs i3 or dwm.

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