Large files transferred through thunar are being corrupted

When i move/copy a large file using thunar then it gets corrupted, but if i do the transfer in terminal then the files don’t get corrupted.
What’s causing this behavior and how to solve it?
Thanks in advanced for you kind help.

What version of thunar are your using?

thunar --version

I move files from 8-9 gigabytes and do not match this bug, wax in the old versions of thunar,
sure to have the space on the device?

Thunar is version 1.8.2

I do have more space than the size of the file/


pacman -Syu

There is a newer version just out, perhaps things are fixed.

Are you using the official package and not one from the AUR?

I’m using official package

No newer version available.
I’m using the official version

It was updated again yesterday, are you on v1.8.4-1?

Anyway, I can’t really help much here because I don’t even use a GUI file manager, sorry.

As an aside, did you know that the terminal is faster as well as more reliable?

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