Labwc included in installer?

Hey was not sure if I should put this in this section but. I love Archlabs, NWG-Shell is what made my find you guys and love it as tiling but was curious if you guys would add the stackingh WM labwc to the default installer also? I think this needs more attention for how great it is… wayland with vrr support and heres the github for a quick look at all the other stuff… GitHub - labwc/labwc: A Wayland window-stacking compositor


Thanks for the feedback.

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I can look into it but no promises, the biggest downside is that it’s not in the official repos so we’ll need to package it for AL. I’m also incredibly tired of maintaining WM configs and settings across so many sessions so it will likely be just the default settings.


Default would still give it more attention so that’s a good idea.