Kreol man from Normandy in France :)

I’am from France, near the D-day beaches! I love samoussas and bouchons from Réunion Island
I’m new in Archlinux, but i know Linux :rofl:
I’ve used #!, Handylinux, Mint, Deepin, Debian like OS, it’s that why i’m new on Archlinux system!
Archlabs is a wonderful discovery for me because it is “out of the box” and very fast! Thanks to the dev, it’s a good job!
Sorry for my english. :grin:

Welcome! And no worries about your English, we are in the Internet. :wink:
Hope you enjoy ArchLabs.

Welcome and enjoy!

Welcome @Jambalak an from Normandy. We all speak internet here, so don’t worry about your English. We hope that you will fun and don’t hesitate to ask questions. :grinning:

Hi @Jambalak, welcome. No issues with you English. Seems pretty good to me.

Thanks a lot!
One question: where does Archlabs come from?

How do you mean?

The birth place of Archlabs? It’s a stupid question, i know, but stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.