Kitty working with w3m

Hello again wonderful folks at archlabs. I have a question about the notorious ranger image preview on kitty terminal.
So ranger can display images in the term as preview using different methods such as w3m or kitty.

Now w3m method works perfectly well for xterm urxvt on as per the forums for ranger and I have tested this on many distos such manjaro, anarchy, ubuntu and a manual arch isntall. It works just fine on all those distros. As per both kitty and ranger forums for kitty terminal the w3m method does not work and you have to change the preview method to kitty and install python-pillow to get it to work. Which it does tho is extremly buggy atleast on arch install and anarchy. I actually prefer w3m meethod becuase when it works it is bug free and if it doesnt work its okay because thats the only isssue that is there and it does not introduce other bugs in ranger if it fails.

Now speaking of archlabs. Kitty works with w3m otb. Just works. In fact it doesn’t work with kitty method even after installing python-pillow. Infact if i try to use the kitty method the preview pane is all glitchy like it is on any other terminal when trying to use the kitty method. How on earth did you do that. As per the forums its should not work and the opposite should happen but it just does and i love it because the kitty method is extremely buggy with freezing and artifacts and whatnot.

Now the thing is that with all this free time and nothing to do due to the curfew orders (hope ya’ll are safe and well btw in these times) I have installed arch the arch way and want image previes in kitty with ranger and whereas it works with the kitty method it is extremely buggy and would much rather use the w3m method but as per forums of kitty and ranger that’s not possible and it isn’t but somehow it works on archlabs so my question what did you do that it worls so that i can get it working on my system as well.

I am aware I can fix the issues by hacking away on the ranger conf(I did manage to stop the image from flickering lol) but its so painful and complicated. I’d much rather just use the w3m method which gives me no issues but even tho thats not supposed to work somehow it works on archlabs. Please tell me the secret lol.

Personally, I never had problems with kitty & ranger. But as a suggestion, you might consider trying nnn to see if you like the experience with nnn better. :wink:

Apparently I’m the only person who does. In fact everyone has issues with w3m and the w3m method is notorious for being messy.
My laptop refuses to be normal lol {-.-}.
Yup probably gonna try that. It’s just I’m so sick of configuring stuff after the past few days. I’ve literally reformatted my lin part 2-3 times a day everyday this past week. And so so soooo many man pages and web pages and forums just learning to set stuff up my brain hurts. Oh well that’s the ricing addiction life I guess. Hopefully nnn will be easy to setup.Gonna crash now. I’ll post back tm if it works.
Seriously tho how does archlabs do ot otb.somethings obviously set up in a way that makes kitty work with w3m like xterm or irxvt cause it most def don’t work on any other system I tried. Anyway peace.

Did you try the termite-ranger-fix in AUR?

Tried. Didn’t work. I got it working tho somehow. No idea how. Just installed the usual stuff and for some reason tried again and voila. Oh well haha…

I think I saw a youtube (Brodie Roberston) where he was doing this. He was using Alacritty so I assume you are speaking of the same?