Killed LightDM and installed Ly - lost rofi

Hey Fellas,
So as stated, I stopped using LightDm and I’m trying out Ly.

Everything seems to be working… I had to give a direct path to check-network in my polybar module config.
My Main issue right now is I lost rofi/drun… Not sure what happend, did lightdm actually turn it on? Or how do I get the service running again, any help would be great.


Wonder if it removed some rofi dependencies, & drun as well.

Edit: Found this link real quick, wonder if it can be of any help to you;

I actually didn’t uninstall it.
And I can give a rofi command in the terminal…just don’t know how to get it working with the keyboard shortcuts again.

Oh, maybe it changed in your Autostart ups some how !

Edit: guess that they were interrelated somehow.

May do a full re install as a last resort…but I’m betting some config somewhere just needs to point to it…I just don’t know which one…lol

That could be it… again…not sure where it was and what to put where to get it back.

Have a look down the link, some config files that you can have a look.

Going to do that now…

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Hopefully it will work, bet that s a pain to reinstall.

Edit: Found this one also;

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Might have to do with updates also, never know.

Lose any other keyboard shortcuts?

Maybe your $PATH isn’t getting set - especially ~/bin or custom locations; LightDM calls certain files on login that ly isn’t.

Where is your $PATH set in ~/.profile or ~/.xprofile? You can try sourcing those files in a terminal then check your key bindings.

Good call @PackRat

All the other keybindings seem to be working…just not super for rofi/drun or super + x for shutdown menu…basically anything rofi… Profile is .xprofile… and I copied my $path directly into Ly config and still no bueno.

I lied… super + x is working.

That’s the ksuperkey binding isn’t it? Not near my ArchLabs setup. That need fixed?

Yeah, i’ll jump onto my other drive and play with that for now. Wait to see if a solution pops up.

I switched back to lightdm and all works again… Ly is cool and look forward to making the switch soon. I may do another install I don’t mind borking to figure it all out on

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Never heard of Ly before, guess that I don t follow Linux as much as I used too !

Glad that you got it back to work while waiting to try on Ly again later on…

Is ksuperkey being started? We use ksuperkey so we can just use the super key to launch Rofi.

Edit: Fixed mistake (~/.xsessionrc -> ~/.xsession)

Pretty sure I answered this in another chat but I’ll elaborate here a bit. The problem is that ly doesn’t source ~/.xprofile like most DMs do. This script is also sourced in ~/.xinitrc and it enables us to have system-wide commands that run regardless of session. Commands specific to a WM/DE will be launched via their startup files (i3 config, openbox rc.xml, bspwmrc, etc…).

After reading the docs and code for ly I found that it looks for ~/.xsession and sources it before launching the session much like other DMs do with ~/.xprofile.

The simple solution:

cp ~/.xprofile ~/.xsession

# profit

Scripts in ~/bin will now be found by just running them like any other program, no need to specify the full path. Our ~/.xprofile adds ~/bin to the PATH, the above will fix this as well.

The other option is to add a bit to ly’s script, sourcing ~/.xprofile

# line 94

if [ -f "$USERXSESSION" ]; then

# add the following two lines above the existing `fi`
elif [ -f "$HOME/.xprofile" ]; then
  . "$HOME/.xprofile"