Kicking the Tires - Ramblings about various Linux Distributions

But that’s not what that means. It’s a rotating list of the latest distributions;
which happen to be the *buntu clan.

Unless you’re making a joke, which I don’t get.
It wouldn’t be the first time I was clueless.


What do you think of that 8-bit? Enlightenment gives me the heebie-jeebies . . .

I’m having a play with Archbang. Really nice job Mr Green . . .


Did the compile Enlightenment with Wayland support? Didn’t see anything about it on their site

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E the original eye-candy window manager. Or they used to say, back in the day. It is very customizable, up there with Plasma; way ahead of it’s time in that regard. The other end of the spectrum is the Cinnamon DE. (IMHO)

The first distro I really used as a daily driver (2007?) was Elive - Wheezy - E17. Elive had 3D effects without need of an accelerated graphic card because of the integration E17 and Compiz. It was really beginner friendly. I got to know E rather well.

E17 was in development for a long time, like over 10 years; and fell out of favor. Innovate or die. It’s a dark themed DE by design and maybe the source for why I prefer a dark themes. Last I looked they were up to E25.

Since version 20, Enlightenment is also a Wayland compositor. @PackRat

MX Linux does a fine job of whatever they put their hand to, so it runs well; and brought back memories.

Edit: Just checking, it’s not a MX Linux spin, but created by a user, AVLinux, who has made a couple of spins. Some people are having issues, but it ran smooth for me for a couple of days.

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Used to have to set the wayland support when compiling; is it automatic now?

I guess the real question is: have you tried MXDE-ELF in Wayland?

I tried Enlightenment with Wayland a while back with Debian Sid. It was pretty good. Terminology was an interesting terminal to work with.


Teminology when used in the right environment is a spicy terminal lol.

Grrrr…don’t test don’t test…


Sorry I don’t know, I think it was x11, but I didn’t check and it’s no longer installed.

My default DE for a long time was Xfce; like an old, comfortable pair of shoes. I know it well; I can tweak any setting without a ‘how to’ web search.

Also, I buy used hardware; mainstream, big name brands. Not a gamer so I go for workstation orientated gear. A three year old Dell or HP gives a big bang for the buck.

I mention this to say they often come with Windows OS and I dual boot my GNU/Linux distribution of the day. For a while now that distro has been MX Linux. The stability of Debian with the fresh packages of MX is nicely boring and stable for my daily driver.

I boot the Windows partition once or twice a month to do updates. I can’t help but notice how much better Windows looks; colors are stronger, brighter, fonts are sharper, it just pops.

Thanks dear reader for your patience; we’re almost to the point.

Someone on this forum recently mentioned how pleased they were with the rendering of Plasma. I remember thinking the same from all my distrohopping on and off over the last ten years. So maybe it’s time for a change.

Where to start. Recently MX came out with a Plasma version. Loaded it on one of the test machines and all seemed well. Loaded it on my main machine. I works mostly okay; a few little things here and there. This is a new spin for MX, maybe not as refined as the other flavors. Thought I should look around at some other Plasma spins; the purpose for this post here on Kicking the Tires - Ramblings about various Linux Distributions.

I used KaOS as a daily driver a couple of years back. A fine piece of work for it’s intended audience. Had to give up some of my favorite GTK programs like XChat. An update broke Firefox and it was a day and a half for the fix. Sent me into the loving arms of Debian, where I’ve been ever since for my daily driver. Breakage on the test machines, okay.; but not the main machine. I’ve got work to do.

Boring and stable, a contender.

They really should update the meta name on the webpage. Also the main pic on the front page is missing as well as an image on the screenshot page. Sent them an email, got a thank you for reporting it but not fixed in almost a week.

Includes a NVIDIA driver installer; installed the wrong driver (too new) and broke the install. Moving on.

Always liked these guys. Plasma with OpenRC works for me.

Ubuntu based. Right or wrong, I used to think *buntu was for noobs. In recent days I’ve grown more open to it. New release in July, still on 20.04.
Moving on.


Interesting in a number of ways, but not a daily driver for me.

Another Ubuntu based Plasma spin. After KaOS, the freshest Plasma. One step back from the bleeding edge, please. Since Ubuntu keeps popping up…

Oceans of packages, stable. Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 LTS. Loaded it on a test machine. It installed the correct NVIDIA driver during the install. Has been running flawless for days. Maybe the search is over.
Me - running a *buntu!

Nothing so constant as change.


A great overview. Needless to say I love Tumbleweed :wink: Most of all for the incredibly fine-grained installation options you get, also on KDE. Almost all of the above I’ve tried. Neon and KaOS were very up to date. I really enjoyed Feren (Nemo on Plasma :wink: but it seems Dominic has other stuff to do now.


So good @eight_bit_al … feels like a favorite old pair of shoes. Always enjoyed the minimal install option of Kubuntu.


I’ll have a look, if I can get past the green. :wink:

:rofl: Then at least you don’t have to look at GeckoLinux, that’s even greener :wink:


Their (OpenSuse) process of software QA is interesting. I take a lot of software from the OpenSuse Factory, through opi.
EDIT: I guess Debian testing is similar to that Factory, in that approach and QA process


Wow, too much work for me !

Props to any distro developers .


Interesting. I haven’t used *Suse for a long time. I’d say Debian probably has the best QA process and Arch gets problems fixed before everyone else due to its large user base.


Not really a distro, but Xmonad is really cool. For those who might not have alot of coding experience, Haskell may be (or feel) less overwhelming than some other languages.

Then again, some may say it’s crap. But, I enjoyed my experience enough to comment about it. :smile:


As we say: same same, but different. Trying out SpiralLinux KDE, Debian testing, Snapper etc. Works very well (for now ;-). Plasma 5.25, btrfs with auto snapshots, Debian testing. See the scrot in this month’s Screenshots

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Do they use Debian repos or have their own?