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Might give awesomewm a test whirl.


For completeness, further testing is in order. The suspected video card, NVIDIA P1000 was tested in the two test/distrohop machines; HP Z440 and Dell Precision 7810. Passed all tests. Suspicion now falls on the Dell Precision 3630. It wouldn’t boot with one of the test cards, NVIDIA NVS 510, which works in the other four computers in house. Looks like the 3630 will be demoted and/or replaced.

Some hardware pr0n. PCIe NVMe drives and Video cards.


LOL, you’re a hw collector?

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Yes, since building kit computers in the late '60s & '70s.

Edit: hence the nic

The saga continues.

All three computers, Dell P3630, Dell P7810, and the HP Z440 work with all the four head video cards, NVIDIA NVS 510, NVIDIA Quadro P1000, and the AMD FirePro W4100 on the test setup with four monitors, 1440 x 900.

None of the computers with any of the four head video cards work well with the four big monitors.; 2 x 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition (FHD), and 2 x 2560 x 1440 Quad High Definition (QHD).

So how do ya like them apples?

Okay, four monitors is a bit overkill anyway. I hardly ever used the forth one.

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The story continues in the Real Desktop Thread




CachyOS seems to be a bit lost in their focus. I thought they were focusing on offering special kernels and some own/additional styling. They do. What they didn’t tell you is they have a ton of software choices that you can go through. They claim to have optimized a lot of software for their kernels, and indeed everything felt snappy. In their enthusiasm they turned a good idea in a Frankendubois: I ended up with three different software stores (Pamac, Octopi and of course Discover) etc. Next to that: someone who styles with wobbly windows ootb, goes ootb with me.


Checked their web page. Pkgs are optimized for x86_64-v3 & a different kernel scheduler (BORE) is used in the system.

Yes, and when you install all ‘linux’ kernels are available as well, and the Cacule kernel. And some other flavors, if I remember correctly. I don’t really have a need for that, but I found it interesting they also optimized many applications to perform better with those kernels.


Everything and the kitchen sink. 1300MiB at idle, just booted.

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Hahahahaha, that is an absolute record for xfce! Congrats on the milestone :wink:

Gotta love Garuda! :grinning:

They must have tons of home grown apps running in bg

Fedora Xfce

Liking this spin a lot. Might just become the daily driver. Simple NVIDIA driver install, unlike some other spins…


I’m DL ArchLabs from Sourceforge. Taking over 45 min. I have a fat pipe; most isos DL in 2-3 min.
Looks like SF is throttling AL.

They’ve been doing this for some time. I am downloading an image from SF. It’s crawling at <300kb/s.

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I am trying to access Sourceforge, so far no luck. It has been extremely slow to load recently.

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Fedora Linux Disabling Mesa’s H.264 / H.265 / VC1 VA-API Support Over Legal Concerns

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Welcome here Pinhead. Good pleasure with AL