Keyboard with wheel

Hi !

i’m looking for a keyboard with a wheel that could scroll.
I don’t even know if some exist.

I saw some keyboards with a volume button, but i fear it’s only for this purpose.

Some nice little wheel l near the arrow pad or at the left of the keyboard would be nice.

Advice/expercience welcome !

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Why not get a keyboard with a trackpad

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Like this ?

Something like that, here a lot of office workers have his kind of mouse that you put in front of your keyboard because they are more economic and the bar works as a mouse ,

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Nice ! Did you try this ?

I have not, but i know that all the government offices here in Finland use something like this, they look different but basically the same functions

Here is an article about them , Sorry i did not know how much they cost

Last year I did this simple thing : swapped my mouse from right of keyboard to left. Uncomfortable at first but closer to the alphabetical keys than before.

If only everything was possible to do from the keyboard. Well it’s almost the case. But scrolling.

Interesting; was that part of some ergonomic program by the department of health (whatever they call it in Finland)?

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Quite possibly the health and welfare departs do seem to be quite keen on that sort of thing, työterveyslaitos is problem the office reasonable. I’ve been here for about 10 years, and they seem to have had them for as long as that