Keyboard and Brightness no longer working


I had to remove my good satisfying archlabs to install a bad boring windows.
I reinstalled this version, and overall i’m happy with it.
I just noticed that both keyboard light control and screen light control don’t work anymore. It’s seems that both services start though. Any thoughts ? It worked perfectly fine with previous version of archlabs.

Feel free to move my post if it belongs somewhere else.

UP !
I fixed the keyboard light by adding a personnal script in user/bin ; but I can’t get the screen light management working.

I installed budgie aside i3 and openbox, and everything works fine there. Any clue on where to look at ?
Thanks ^^

Glad that you got it fixed.

Got screen lightness control fixed by downloading “light” from the aur (gitub available too). I still don’t know why xbacklight doesn’t work tho.