Kernel 5.14 released

The below is from a reddit post.

The simpledrm being in there is pretty big, since Wayland display servers will run on more hardware that isn’t supported by a specialized modesetting driver. Pretty big for Wayland. (And for kmscon-like solutions for replacing the VT subsystem eventually)

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I’m just a humble GUI guy, but sway developers should be interested. :slight_smile:

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Phoronix has a nice overview of the new features: Linux 5.14 Features From Secret Memory Areas To New Hardware, Core Scheduling, Legacy IDE Dropped - Phoronix

I like this one: Lenovo To Support Configuring ThinkPad BIOS From Within Linux - Phoronix


Your way under selling yourself you do Great work with sway. :+1:

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Thanks for the links hopefully my T430 & X220 are not under CCP control. :fearful: