Keeping your ssd healthy

If you have not seen this, here’s a neat trick (on systemd):


Thx for sharing @manyroads

Might be usefull.

$ sudo /usr/sbin/fstrim --fstab --verbose --dry-run
/King: 0 B (dry run) trimmed on /dev/sda1
/: 0 B (dry run) trimmed on /dev/sdb1

Very good advice again!!


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I’m also using this:
UUID = 626e6897-c99e-496a-adc2-324b16b1084a / ext4 rw, noatime, lazytime 0 1

That’s a pretty confused article, enabling regular TRIM doesn’t really affect longevity (modern SSDs are over-provisioned) but it does improve speed.

But not all drives support TRIM, see for a better summary.

The noatime option isn’t really worth bothering with because modern SSDs don’t need any special treatment in respect of restricting writes and the performance difference between that and the default relatime option is microscopic. And noatime breaks mutt.


Hi @Head_on_a_Stick, i have remove noatime and add relatime.

You don’t need to add relatime, it’s a default option :wink:

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