Keeping Openbox Pipemenu Edit After Update


I edited my pipemenu’s (al-*-pipemenu) manually to add apps that does not show up automatically after installation. It works fine after editing

My issue is after archlabs update (I believe it includes some pipemenu updates) the pipemenu edits I did all go away and it’s been reset back to defaults.

Anyway I can edit the pipemenus without losing the changes I did whenever there are updates?

Thank you in advance

You could rename them from the original Just make sure you rename both the pipemenu and the menu.xml. Or as an alternative, put the pipemenus in a different directory, say ~/.config/openbox/

Just remember to update the path in your menu.xml to suit.

I should add, if there is something you want added to the pipemenus, just let us know.

Hey thanks it would be awesome if they could be added so I do not have to edit them manually.

If it is not too much to ask could the following be added

Games > Steam

Other apps I use

Text Editor > Sublime
Messaging > Whatsapp
Messaging > Caprine
Office > Gnucash
Multimedia > OBS
Multimedia > Kid3
Multimedia > EasyTAG

Thank you again :smile:

Steam should already be in your pipemenus. Have you added “al-games-pipemenu” ?

Is that the correct name for each app?

Hi yeah should be the correct name…

command for
sublime should be “subl3”
whatsapp should be “whatsapp-web-desktop”

I haven’t check the games pipemenu… I will just add it

Sublime should already be in there too.

Yeah shows up now I added games. Sublime for some reason did not show up but I copied from the backup I made and it shows up now. Thanks

Can you confirm the full name for OBS, is it “obs-gnome-screencast”?

obs-studio is the name of the package from the official repository…

command I use to launch that is just obs

got ya. All done. Should be through on the next AL update.

Thanks… I won’t edit the menu now and will wait for the update then. Thanks