Kde keyboard shortcuts overwriting openbox shortcuts

That is like the worst panel ever, I tried it in past installations and it always crashed.

“Hey make your desktop look like Big Sur, it’s easy in Plasma with Latte Dock!”

Even though GNOME is more like Big Sur

I didn’t face any issues with crashing when I try kde. lucky me :smile:

Thanks for the advice. Searching there.

Although not quite a contradiction… :wink:

I am downloading this and gonna test drive it on the thumb drive, just to be more of an informed contrarian, or hater lulz:


UPDATE: downloaded and running their testing ISO, I know this has nothing to do with the topic, just giving this a spin as to my comments over Plasma:

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Neon is pretty good even it’s Ubuntu based.

Well there is Ubuntu, and there is Ubuntu Based. Not all Arch based distros are all that (I’m looking at you BorkJaro and ShartcoLinux, you freakin’ pimps), and I think the KDE team wanted to base it in something more universal (although it’s I think Debian/Ubuntu, not “pure” Ubuntu as in Mint). Neon of course is KDE’s flagship distro, Neon is very light in packages, I may test it on the iMac once I crest the 30 day uptime mountain lulz with BLaM, and post thoughts later on it. It won’t be one of those bullshit Dedoimeido reviews, where his reviews is based on how he can set up his 2002 desktop on a 2021 distro that he does with Plasma and every other DE out there.

Have you been using both KDE and openbox, or just openbox?

And did you reboot?

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What applications are in ~/.config/autostart?

No contradiction I guess. I just don’t like latte in openbox. When I use kde it works without any crash.

There were two files: latte-dock.desktop and another for ibus. I’ve since removed the ibus file also as it was causing issue with autostarting ibus at openbox startup.


Latte in Openbox? Why? For Plasmoids? I have seen any config using Latte in OB. Not even in the most convoluted ArcoLinux wet dream.

I haven’t really used Plasma for at least two years, maybe three, but I find Latte unnecessary. Again I think if you want to replicate a sort of mac workflow with a dock, GNOME or distros like Elementary do it better overall than slapping a dock and top bar on KDE. A third party panel in Plasma defeats the purpose, Plasma is influenced more by Windows, especially the older versions that were more like 7. A buggy third party dock full of buggy third party Plasmoids back when I was trying out Plasma wound up a BBQ swarmed by cicadas.

Edit: come to think of it, I think i did try Latte in something other than KDE. But I think it was in XFCE, because that panel really sucks ass.

Going through KDE Neon, I toggled a few keystrokes to check out how it snaps windows, and they snapped just like the OB configs in both AL and BL’s OB config. It’s your basic Super and arrow keys. If you using multiple desktops, almost every DE has a solution for that (Budgie is whack though), and of course that’s the WM calling card. You really don’t need a panel using a WM, you can use i3 easily without one, a panel in OB is really meant to be non existent. Crunchbang only had one as a sort of parking space, it just had the panel in for switching between two desktops and like three applets for audio, network, and time. A clipboard as well, but #! wasn’t a mouse driven workflow. It was great on netbooks, and a netbook trackpad was tiny and useless. I ran #! on my old HP netbook for ages, because OB made the best use of it. Ever since then I never really cared about the panel, in fact it made other panels annoying, and I have used both OS X and MacOS without focusing my workflow with the dock. Hell my mac dock was a mess lulz. Why? Because I hardly used it. One reason was the mice that Apple shipped with Macs were shite. Another reason was I didn’t want to have to deal with configuring a dock, being dependent on it for workflow, having it pop up when I didn’t want it to, in fact, I wanted it not even exist. I really hate fucking docks. And I really hate buggy fucking docks. Even on a Mac.

:smile: that’s true. If I want dock in OB, I’d use plank not latte :smiley:

I’m not trying to get a maclike workflow. :slight_smile: just trying out kde :smiley:

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Ha ha :smile: I don’t use dock in by OB config which i’ve been using for the last 4 years.

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Yeah I am not saying you do, but if you browse the KDE Store, Big Sur is like on the top of every list for theming. Yosemite, whatever else came after that. Latte bakes that in with their theme switching.

I have used either tint or polybar, but it’s mostly tint. I was building my own tint config using @nwg tint stuff, but that was on a machine that died on me, right after I finally was able to install AL that everyone here helped me with lulz. Seriously, I spent an entire weekend trying to install it on an older laptop I had, finally got it done, went to bed, tried to power it up and DEAD. The mobo finally took a dump.

That’s why I don’t like to build stuff using laptops, because I have been through many over the years, one I threw against a wall ages ago because it locked up on me all the time. It was an old Dell brick, and I had another one, so I didn’t care about it that much. What sucked was having to spackle the hole in the drywall, and paint it. That’s how big that Dell brick was.