ArchLabs Linux

Just installed Archlabs plasma-kde

I play around in Arch base linux . Manjaro , Anarchy , Endeavour and Arch it self installed whit the zen installer.
Arch it self to install is insane and you need another device to read the wiki and copy and paste .
I install Archlabs the write way and i love the installer .
Install the minimal plasma and it works fine .
Nice , very nice .
greetings to you all


Welcome aboard @Benny.

Glad the install went well.

Welcome to the forum.
Enjoy the distro.

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It takes fewer than ten commands to install a fully working Arch system and the official installation guide is available on the ISO image itself in a text file called install.txt. And elinks is also available for browsing the ArchWiki.

Anyway, welcome to ArchLabs :slight_smile:

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Wasn t aware of these commands @Head_on_a_Stick . Thx

I did it all , just don’t like it , i like the archlabs install and wound to learn more of archlabs , it looks good ,

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Welcome to the forum.