Just came to ArchLabs, need some help NWG mostly

Hey everyone, I have been messing around with Sway over the past week and have actually grown to really love it. However there were a few things I wish it had by default so I was on EndeavourOS slowly setting my system up how I wanted it… until a accidental google search brought me here and WOW! the NWG packaging for me is like a gift from god. Thank you!

I am not a newbie but by no means an expert so questions may vary in range.

I will start with the NWG questions:

  1. I want to Add a start button for nwg-drawer, I know one is setup for nwg-menu but I just don’t like it
  2. How do I remove the workstation markers (A2, and A1) on nwg-panel?
  3. How can I move the clock between the notifications and the sound icon, I tried so many things lol.
  4. Can I setup a calendar to pop up in the bottom right when I left click the time using “on-left-click”?
  5. Is it possible to add pinned icons on the nwg-panel like favorites i can just click to open?

Picture Showing what I am talking about for nwg

  1. I setup with systemd always used grub and I am trying to set the kernel I compiled from linux-tkg as the boot default cannot figure it out.
  2. How do I set specific windows to always open floating and in a default set spot. take the terminal in the top left for example. I would always want my terminals opening there floating and then I can move it if I choose.
  3. What is scratchpad? Is it installed by default if not how do I get it and do I need it?
  4. Did I ask too many questions?

Hi @Karagra, welcome to the forum!

Great that you like it. It makes two sway users on this forum. :wink:

Neither do I. Just create a button:

and add it to proper modules:

For now you need to clear the “On workspaces” field (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8), and remove the /tmp/autotiling file. The latest nwg-panel version includes a switch to turn autotiling markers on/off, but it’s not yet available in ArchLabs repos.

You can not. The notifications icon is always placed next to the Controls button.

You can attach whatever you want to left/right click, but there’s no Calendar module in the panel (yet?). I use a short script to display Zenity calendar.

See point #1.

No idea, sorry.

Floating windows are always initially centered in sway. You can move them by setting stuff in the sway config file, but you’ll have to read sway wiki. Do the latter one way or another. :smiley:

It’s a floating node where you can hide one or more window. With the shell installed, press Shift+Mod+z over a window to move it to the scratchpad. You’ll see an icon in the panel, if you have the Scratchpad module in it. Press Mod+z to cycle between windows in scratchpad. Dunno if you need it. Scratchpad is a brilliant thing that I use hardly ever.

Of course not. Read Wiki, but ask whenever you need.


Thanks for NWG and thanks for the help!

Setup the Start Button and the pinned ones on the bar thanks! (I was doing everything via config before your screenshot up there :man_facepalming:

This changed A1: and A2: to just 1: and 2: but you said you have the options in a future update so I can wait.

Clock not moving isn’t a big deal I think I found a look I enjoy.

I decided against the Calendar for now…

Figured out systemd was annoying

So for floating windows did some digging and now everything is floating, a few are set to open in specific corners, and added back the border bar and made it so right click on border bar closes window, middle click anywhere on window makes it fullscreen (not floating) then middle click again back to floating,

Scratchpad atm… not for me but I will mess with it in the future once I am done tinkering… (we are never done tinkering)

Anyways heres a look

I am really impressed with what you are doing so thanks again for everything.


If I had one suggestion for nwg-menu I would say an option to switch from the fancy version you made to a classic menu version (IMO more sway feeling)… took a random screenshot of a menu… butchered the crap out of it and threw it in as a mockup.

With or without a classic style for nwg-menu I still think nwg-menu is an amazing idea for sway.

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The biggest problem with the menu is that I don’t use it myself. It shares the code base with nwg-drawer, but several improvements, done months ago, are still waiting to be ported to the menu. One day I’ll buy a 6-pack and do all the pending job.


There is always time for me to buy you a beer also :beers:


Haha! I’m just running out of porters while working on the new version of nwg-shell-config.


That is def clean…

The current version is much too complicated and sucks with tiling, so I’m working on a new one. Whole lot of work, but it already (almost) works.

Do you have a patreon? If not why not? I can support the beer fund with a monthly subscription.

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Nope. In PL it’s damned difficult to explain it to the tax office. For this reason, I would have to pay premiums higher than any possible income. So I prefer to work for fun.

ill send you a friends a family on paypal next Friday then :+1: Nothing big prob a 30-pack worth but a thanks for your hard work.


Thank you very much, but I closed my Paypal as soon as they started charging yearly for unused accounts. If you like the distro, consider supporting ArchLabs. Old farts take Sway lightly, but they’re good guys and @Dobbie03 pays a fortune to keep the forum alive.


Sounds good. Well thanks for all your hard work. I tested last night quickly before I got off, but from what I saw I think the nwg stuff reduced my fps a bit in games. After work today I’m going to go through everything and double check because by no means would I call that quick look last night a controlled test.

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On my quite average laptop with 2 external displays, 3 different wallpapers, 4 instances of nwg-panel and nwg-drawer kept resident in memory, the CPU usage on idle oscillates between 0.8 and 1.6%. I don’t think it could affect the gaming FPS rate in any significant way.

cpu and ram usage doesnt = fps in-game 99% of the time. But yeah for some reason on Sway with NWG standing in town on D2R with no npcs around its 184fps with the same setup on KDE its capping at my monitors 240hz refresh rate… ill have to dig deeper. Same Kernel, mesa, and all the same setup for D2R.

Wish I could help, but I’m no gamer. Just one game installed, last launched months ago. :slight_smile: