June 2021 Screenshot Thread


Not sure if you know but if you click the image and then click a second time it will zoom into a 1:1 image.


Ok, a second click to bring it up to 1:1. Got it now … nice setup!

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Excellent, and thank you.

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You bet @dobbie!

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Nice @Dobbie03

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Dobbie said: Loving being back on i3. So good

So is that i3 your iApple iPḧone

Now while you are contemplating the five elements:

I will make my exit via the side door so as not to get hit by an iHammer.

In truth, just poppin’ in to say hi!

Confucius say: Man with too many weather scripts must open window to know what the weather is.


Wow, nice @Sector11

Nice; i3 is pretty much my default window manager now.

But fluxbox today:




No need to use the side door (in or out).
Here in Ireland you don’t need any weather script to know it is going to rain, but they look sooo cool…


drummer say: It’s too fukken hot outside to remind me that that it’s 116 degrees F while inside configuring my desktop to show me it’s that it’s too fukken hot outside.


My current setup. i3-gaps on Artix-s6.

Checking Artix to see where they’re at. It appears that the experiment w/o Arch repos is far from complete. Had to enable Arch repos to make the system work.


LOL. I wish I could use that on my iPhone. Hello and love that screenshot!.

Excellent, no doubt I will go back to dwm but I wanted a break.

AL i3-gaps with the AL default polybar, none more minimal:


Top @drummer

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dm: startx (interesting you are using inxi ? with s11 as a alias…)

Your using antiX or just there wall. ?

I had to check if the bug in nwg-drawer reported from Manjaro really existed (it didn’t). Manjaro sway is a nightmare.


To be honest, I have found Manjaro in general to be a nightmare.


Just their wallpaper.

Thank’s Guys …

Underneath I’ve gone from #! to BL to SharpBang (pure Debian) and maintained my setup pretty well the same as I had in #!. Some things had to change obviously as some programs are no longer available, like Shutter, screenruler, blag, blah and some themes broke.

Got it the way I like it and the old man in me decided, “It ain’t broke, and ya like it, don’t fix it and keep it as is.”

And that where I sit today.

Ireland - isn’t it always raining there? :smiley:

The wall paper had an addition my me after watching Bruce Willis in “The 5th Element” and my wife, whom I call Liloo, became my 5th element. Therefore hearts added.

Free for the taking: s11-5th-Element.jpg 1920x1040