June 2020 Screenshot Thread

Interesting text editor; what’s the learning curve?


Ah, the learning curves easy ! @PackRat I can use it ! lol

When you want to open or save a new text or whatever, you just click on Tree on top left or so , click on to add title s to Node , save then bingo…

Not pretty good to teach stuff to people I guess.

Edit; I use it more as a Word Processor so to speak, afterward, don t know much more about it.

You can have a look at that video in there @PackRat .

The thing that I hate about it is that you can t import pdf files & or convert pdf files into it.

Edit; You can Export to pdf , not the contrary sadly.

Might be of some help;


Got the XFWM (XFCE’s Window Decoration) theme done. All the new jazz is in “yeti-next”


Yep, here you go. Let me know if you need help. I use the conky-lua-archers package from the AUR.


Most excellent work @cog

If you have the poppler package installed then you can use pdftotext to make it openable in a plain-text editor.


Nice shot again @cog

Thx @natemaia . Will have to check it out.

No major changes on my minimal suckless workstation.

slstatus code + awesome fonts

static const struct arg args[] = {
/* function format          argument */
	{ battery_perc, " 🔋%s%% ⌁",   "BAT0" },
	{ battery_remaining, " %s ",  "BAT0" },       
	{ datetime, "| %s ",           " %a %F |  %T" },

for those who wish to try the wp


Nicee @Beast

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Changed filesystem to btrfs so I could put Arch in a subvolume, installed it from the bootstrap image 'cos I couldn’t be bothered finding a USB stick :slight_smile:


Top @anon42040838

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Still on MATE - might revert to Cinnamon if all my driver crashes are Zoom’s fault and not Cinnamon’s fault :slight_smile:


I’ve just discovered that my laptop webcam has a hardware button (Fn + F6) to turn it on/off. This needs a waybar icon. Strikethrough eye (next to the clock) indicates that I can’t be seen. :wink:



Wish more of us had buttons like that; better yet physical hardware switches to remove power from the webcam!
All those “indicator LEDs” in your laptop webcam are kinda silly because it appears hackers can disable those LEDs… They honestly need to hardwire those LEDs into the data wires of the webcam instead.

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It s a good thing, the best way would also be to put a small tape over it, safer that way I think.

I happen to use the webcam on this certain machine. On all others I use tape. :slight_smile:

Hey cool, I never use the webcam, but it might be needed for you somehow .

No need to remove power: https://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkShutter

I disable mine from the firmware options, or blacklist the uvcvideo module if I can’t do that.

Anyway back on topic and back on Alpine Linux:


I :heart: Alpine