June 2019 Screenshot Thread

Fresh Void install on my main machine (secondary hdd). Time to submit Azote to the Void repo. Seems to work well here.



BTW: take a look at the bottom panel on the left display in the picture above. As tint2 doesn’t work with Sway, I modified the script to use glyphs instead of svg images.

Nicee @nwg

Here’s my current dwm & st setup I’ve been building & also the wallpaper if anyone wants it. I took it a few days ago.


Great picture. Can’t wait for my holiday to come, to take a similar one of my beloved lake.

Nice job again @cog

Another low effort screenshot, this time with i3.

Any idea on how to get rid of the tray icon shadow? I tried to add “name *?= ‘Tray’” to the shadow-exclude section of compton.conf, but that one and other variations, like ‘Polybar tray window’, didn’t work.

Edit: lol i just needed to restart, i thought mod+shift+r was enough.


Like it @Kiri

Me, myself and i again. i3 with urxvt, nnn and ncmpcpp + cava with different terminal size than the default per binding. Example for cava: “urxvt -g 70x10 -e cava”

vim theme dark cherry


Looks great @subjunkie

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I’m going to hang out in your back yard the rest of the summer.

Nicee @cog

Wow! I have missed out on a lot happening here since I was away! Thanks for keeping it all flowing there chaps/ettes.

On to July.

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What GTK theme are you using with these plasma setup?

@andreasdimo Material GTK theme to match the Materia KDE. (First screenshot is elementary OS)

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Materia GTK or Material GTK?

Sorry. Materia GTK theme by nana. link
It’s available in the Arch community repo as materia-gtk-theme

H @Trenton. Rather than bump old out of date threads, please just PM the person directly. Thanks.