June 2018 Screenshot Thread

Epic turn out for the May thread, the May screenshot thread was the biggest yet, sort of reflects how the distro itself is growing, there has been a real surge in new posts and new members. It’s really great to see and shows that we are on the right track.

As usual:

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Same old shit from me.


ArchLabs + dwm -


BunsenLabs (upgraded to Sid) + i3


using i3status for system information in both.


I recognise that wall from a post in your deviantart days :grin:

Can’t believe it’s already June, Anyhoots…

There’s always a bigger fish


Nice scrotts in there gents.

Nice shit in there Dobbie, still have the same shit as my other scrots before on my side, not done much to my installs, a little break before I restart tweaking again.

@philT, its a quality wall. I use it a lot :smiley:
@altman, thanks man.

@anon37345411 @PackRat, very nice guys.


good looking dark theme. I’m still rocking that same wallpaper too.

dwm is lean an mean

cool setup. I’ve always had a softspot for blue themed desktops.

Been using geany and mermaid-cli to flowchart some stuff for work. While I prefer vim for everything, working with mermaid is way easier in a gui editor where you can move stuff around with the copy/paste and mouse. F8 it to generate the pdf is also handy. I recon autocmds in vim can do the same thing. The cool thing is atril or evince will autoreload the pdf when you do this so you can see your work in realtime.

Edit: by vim I mean the first thing I did on AL was replace gvim with vim, then vi with vim via the vi-vim-symlink aur package.


@cog - good one; showing some real work is a nice touch.

@anon37345411 - hook me up with that must-have wall, please :grin:

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Here ya go :slight_smile:

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Thanks @cog, I’m trying to ween myself from blues but I’m trapped. Haha!

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fluxbox - my window manager of choice; but I’m addicted to wm’s so I always end up with 4-5 installed:


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Nice @PackRat.

Back to a light theme, found a pretty sweet icon theme to use with it.


@Dobbie03, Looks really nice and those icons are sweet, thanks man! I need to go with something light and maybe incorporate those orange or green folder icons. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see the blue ones :grin:

@PackRat, Awesome… I miss fluxbox, been a while. Is the top panel polybar?

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You’ll be using the Blue ones soon enough, the call of the Blue is too strong.


Yes, switched from conky to polybar to have the jgmenu launcher. Tint2 with button(s) to launch jgmenu etc … (buttons better than launchers IMO, more flexible), the battery indicator, and a couple of executors for cpu use/load is really the way to go though. Just haven’t set it up for fluxbox yet.



The final fruits of my labor… if you’re ever looking to flowchart I’d highly recommend mermaid-cli, it’s badass


@cog - that turned out well; the great state of New Mexico have a petroleum project in the works?

Glenn motivated me - this is the setup I like on the laptop. Fluxbox with tint2 as the taskbar. Button for jgmenu (left click, right click for exit dialog, middle click for tmux), taskbar, system tray, executors for uptime, cpu% load, battery, clock:


Everything on one line, no workflow disruptions L-R or T-B.

Wow that looks good mate.