July 2019 Screenshot Thread

Continue from June.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

To open the linked scrot fullscreen in your browser, scroll down to the Download icon on the right (next to Like and Share at scrot.moe), right-click it and hit T on your keyboard to open the screenshot in a new browser tab, then switch to that tab. Copy and paste the address here and Boom! Fullscreen goodness.
(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

We recommend http://scrot.moe for image uploads (use the linked thumbnail embed code), or as an option drag and drop your image into the reply box. Thank you very much, Mr. Neilypops!

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July starts in 10 minutes here, maybe I should wait?

It took me all the damned Sunday to create the Void template for Azote, but finally it worked. :slight_smile:





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lol, don t know why @nwg

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It’s what I have always used. I will try your wallpaper manager one of these days :smiley:

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Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

I thought it was exclusive for Sway? It’ll work ok in i3?

I tested on Sway, i3, Openbox and dwm. Oh, well: refuses to work on qtile.

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KDE desktop using Namib/Arch install.

Wallpaper - Northern Lights

Icons - Griffin-Mono
Theme - Transparent-Dark Kruna
Application Style - Breeze
Window Decoration - Oxygen
Plasma Widgets - Air Quality Index, Weather Report


Flooding this thread with fresh screenies of my light & dark themed desktop. I based it on Zorin-95 and Gruvbox-oomox gtk themes. Icon is Simply Circles. Openbox round corner patch. Decor is set to ‘off’. Getting used to keybinds. For song info and album art: musnify-mpd, kunst and conky.



Wow! Awesome screenshots and themes happening there @m00n

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Thanks @Dobbie03 ! The light gtk theme is easy on the eyes, not super bright as most light themes are. I like how compact the dark gtk theme is, Thunar looks so nice,


@McQ - nice setup; some scorching temps. Any monsoons?

@m00n - those are great; you have a link for the Joshua trees at sunset wallpaper?

some i3 - tinkering with green & blue:



@PackRat Not yet – still waiting on our 1st haboob of the year.

Can you please share those themes?

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It’s almost that time @McQ. If I remember correctly, it’s usually mid-July to about mid-September when the monsoon starts, along with haboos sprinkled here and there…

@Dobbie03 I did. There’s a hyperlink on the gtk theme names.
@PackRat Thanks! The original wallpaper here


So you did. I should pay more attention.

Thanks for that :smiley:

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